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The Ultimate List of 25 CRM Vendors for Financial Advisors

Get a taste of 25 flavors of CRM technology for your wealth management practice

May 7, 2015

You’ve read the CRM tech reviews. You’ve heard opinions from advisors. You might have even tested a new client relationship management software system recently. After all this, are you still searching for the best CRM that’s right for you?

We compiled a list of the leading CRM solutions tailored for wealth management, and included their messaging to get a taste of each product. Each CRM solution has its own flavor that matches different tastes so shop around with this handy compilation. In subsequent blog posts, we’ll provide some guidance from our point of view on what to look for in a CRM. (Sign up to the Wealthbox email newsletter to the right for blog updates!) So, here are…

25 CRM Alternatives for Financial Advisors (in alphabetical order)


“Add-on for ACT!”

Advisor’s Assistant CRM

“The Leader in Client Management Software Since 1985. Web-based or Computer-based. We Do Both”


“Empowering broker-dealers and advisers to build world class businesses”

Bill Good Marketing

“#1 in Marketing Systems”

Broker’s Ally

“Client and Prospect Management Software for Advisors”

Concenter Service’s XLR8

“CRM in The Clouds”

Envestnet / Tamarac’s Advisor CRM

“Client Relationship Management for Investment Advisors”

Goldmine CRM

“A Leader in Managing Contacts for Over 25 Years”

Grendel CRM

“Control Your Monsters”

IAS / Interactive Advisory Software

“The Comprehensive Solution for the Elite Advisor”

Junxure CRM

“Service + Efficiency >> Growth + Profit”

Maximizer CRM

“Helping Financial Advisors Succeed”

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

“Financial Services”

Morningstar Office

“All-inclusive advisor portfolio management software.”

Navatar Advisor CRM

“Cloud Computing for Wall Street”


“Next generation CRM”

Pareto CRM

“Seeing is Believing.”

Practice Builder Financial

“Founded in 1969…”


“Solutions for Busy Professionals”

Redtail Technology CRM

“A new year. A new CRM.”

Salentica CRM

“CRM for Wealth Management”

Salesforce CRM

“The Customer Success Platform”

Satuit CRM

“Increasing efficiency and revenue”

SmartOffice CRM, powered by Ebix

“CRM Solutions for Insurance and Financial Services”

Wealthbox CRM

“CRM for Financial Advisors”

Note: The CRM solutions listed above (with the exception of Goldmine which many advisors have used) have features specifically tailored for financial advisors, whether as stand-alone or integrated turnkey management in an advisor’s practice. A few solutions above are also overlays atop platforms like Salesforce and Microsoft. There are other “horizontal” solutions that offer basic contact management and CRM functionality for small businesses, like small advisory firms. These include (again in alphabetical order) Base, Batchbook, Capsule, Clevertim, Clinchpad, Contactually, Insightly, Highrise, Less Annoying, OnePageCRM, Pipeline Deals, Pipeliner, Podio, Nimble, Nutshell, Odoo, Sugar CRM, Streak, and Zoho CRM among many others.

If there’s one recommendation we’d make, it’s to kick the tires and test drive a CRM before making a purchasing decision that’s based simply on a feature checklist. We’ll write more about the “user experience” in software apps soon.

Hope this helps!

Team Wealthbox

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