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14 All-Star Blogs for Financial Advisors

A guest blog post by Dave Grant, CFP.

June 2, 2015

Information for financial advisors that was once only available in print magazines and books has now been disseminated far and wide through the internet. However, this also means that the amount of information to help advisors improve has grown exponentially. To help you hone in on how to keep on top of your game, here are some all-star blogs (not ranked in any order) to learn from and follow. Read on!

Technical Development

Michael Kitces – Nerd’s Eye View | @MichaelKitces

Michael hardly needs an introduction in this arena. His articles span the width of knowledge of what is needed as an advisor, but goes so deep into the technical aspects that one cannot learn something new from reading his work.

Wade Pfau – Retirement Researcher | @WadePfau

Wade’s focus is on retirement planning, and he continues to pursue and document research in this area. Holding a Ph.D in economics, he is a thought leader in this area, but the explanations of his research and potential consequences are delivered succinctly and clearly.

Mary Beth Franklin – Contributing Editor, Investment News, Social Security Expert | @MBFretirepro

With a sole focus on exploring the ins-and-outs of Social Security, Mary Beth is able to cement the facts that advisors deal with on a daily basis, but also explore the obscure rules and situations that the Social Security program can introduce.

Practice Management

Steve Wershing – The Client Driven Practice | @swershing

Steve’s writing has a way of being controversial, but very practical at the same time. Often conflicting with other experts in the field, his blogs provide sound guidance to advisors looking to build their client base through referral networks.

FPA Practice Management Center | @fpassociation

Bringing together a host of thought leaders in the financial advisory profession, the FPA has a wealth of articles available for advisors to grow, and streamline, their practice.

Financial Planning Magazine “Blogs” | @finplan

Using a similar approach to the FPA Practice Management Center, Financial Planning magazine has a host of authors providing short, action-oriented blogs for advisors to improve their practice. This offering is better than the FPA’s section as many authors are practicing advisors providing guidance on actions that have worked for them.


Don Connelly – Don Connelly 24/7 | @DonConnelly

Don is an animated, result-driven coach who has had a career of experience in the financial services industry. However, he focuses on teaching advisors the soft skills they need to master in order to be effective. Through frequent video, audio and written posts, he teaches advisors how to tell stories and, in telling them well, win and keep clients.

Tony Vidler – Financial Advisor Coach and Strictly Business Ltd | @TonyVidler

Tony is the “Advisor to the Advice Industry” and is an international advisor coach based in New Zealand. With a focus on relaxed video messages to his audience, Tony is easy to listen to, but also has a wealth of information to help advisors improve in their marketing endeavors.

Kristin Harad – Various | @KristinHarad

Kristin originally started her practice close to a decade ago for families with new children, after coming from the world of corporate marketing. By combining these two backgrounds, she has created a robust marketing platform and frequently speaks, writes, and produces video programs about marketing your practice. Her writing is best found on her site, FPA Practice Management Center and GuideVine.


FinTech Journal | @FinTechJournal

A one-stop shop for all technology news in the financial services space, FTJ doesn’t just focus on advisors, it looks at the whole financial space. This is a great way of learning about technology that can affect advisor in the future, or learn about new technology from which clients might benefit.

Bill Winterberg – FPPad | @BillWinterberg

Bill has been writing and commenting on the FinTech (Financial Services Technology) space for many years, but launched his weekly video updates in August 2013. He is quick to update viewers on technology news that happens during the week, and when news is slow, reviews new technology that advisors should be aware of.

Technology Tools for Today | @t3fan

A one-stop shop for technology news, conferences, newsletters and other resources: this site is a wealth of knowledge. Run by long-time technology commentators David Drucker and Joel Bruckenstein, this site and blog brings in-depth reviews to the technology world of financial advisors.

Easy reading / viewing

Kathryn Cicoletti – The MSB Cheat Sheet | @msbcheatsheet

Kathryn is an ex-hedge fund analyst who left this high-paying field to start a subscription-based investment newsletter. Every Friday she does a recap of the week’s investment-related news, sometimes in video or blog form. Using video clips, memes and a fresh sense of humor, it is easy to leave the office on Friday with a smile.

Ronald Sier – See Beyond Numbers | @Ronald_Sier

Ronald is a financial planner in the Netherlands who eloquently puts into words what every advisors feels about our profession, but how to work past it. He has anecdotes about how advisors can learn from FBI negotiators, how to be unforgettable, and lessons financial planners can learn from LEGO. All quirky topics, but great reading none-the-less.

What blogs do you think are note-worthy, including those that are not mainstream? Share your “all-star blog” ideas with @Wealthbox on Twitter!

About the Guest Author

Dave Grant is a financial planner, blogger, and all-around good guy who lives in the Chicago-land area. Learn more about Dave.

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