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Advisor I/O Partners with Wealthbox to Simplify Automated Marketing

August 31, 2022

Wealthbox is excited to announce today a new partnership integration with Advisor I/O. The integration between Wealthbox and Advisor I/O will help advisors streamline their marketing campaigns to deliver more timely and relevant content to prospects and clients.

Watch the webinar to learn more about the integration between Wealthbox + Advisor I/O

With the click of a button, Advisor I/O users are now able to import Wealthbox contacts directly into distribution lists for new marketing campaigns. Not only are the Wealthbox contacts synced, but tags associated with the Wealthbox contact records are imported as well to Advisor I/O. Tags are a great way for advisors to segment their clients and can be used to help breakout clients into different marketing campaigns. The Advisor I/O integration will benefit advisors by saving them time and repetitive data entry with their marketing efforts by keeping their Wealthbox data in sync.

Alex Cavalieri, Co-Founder, Head of Strategy, Advisor I/O

“We’re incredibly excited to launch this integration with Wealthbox,” said Alex Cavalieri, Head of Strategy at Advisor I/O. “It’s important that advisors have technology that talks to each other across marketing, business development, and client management – and with this integration, we’re helping our Advisor I/O members take that a step further.”

Charlie Fargo, Head of Product Partnerships, Wealthbox

“Wealthbox is excited to welcome Advisor I/O to the Wealthbox ecosystem,” said Charlie Fargo. “Advisor I/O’s integration with Wealthbox delivers measurable time-saving opportunities for advisors and delivers a custom client experience.”

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Watch the webinar to learn more about the integration between Wealthbox + Advisor I/O

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