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Calendar Enhancements in Wealthbox CRM

Save time when managing yours!

December 4, 2018

Advisors: You asked, we listened. Here are some recent updates we made to the calendar in Wealthbox based on your feedback.

These updates are all about user efficiency and being able to use the calendar with fewer clicks. Fewer clicks save you time when trying to manage your time! Let’s take a closer look at some of the more prominent enhancements in the calendar.

Delete a single occurrence of repeating event

This feature was widely requested by financial advisors: In the Wealthbox calendar, you can now delete a single occurrence of a repeating event, through all views of the calendar.

To delete an event from the monthly, weekly, or daily view, simply click on the event, select “delete” and follow the prompts, as seen in this video:

Jump to a calendar date

When there’s so much packed into your schedule, it can sometimes be challenging to know when you’re free. We’ve made it easier – and faster! – to jump into a specific day’s schedule so that you can see when you’re available at a glance. Simply click on the date’s number to immediately go to that day.

See invitees displayed for private events

Seeing is believing. Previously Wealthbox didn’t show information about invited contacts and users on events set to the “Only Me” permission in Wealthbox. After reviewing feedback from users about this feature, we decided to start including attendance information on an event’s details.

Note: Other users still won’t see the event in Wealthbox if it’s set to “Only Me” — but they can still receive an invitation via email, and you’ll now be able to see whether or not they’re attending.

Link to an Invited Contact from an Event

Another enhancement in speed and saving you time: When viewing event details in Wealthbox, you can see a list of contacts who are invited to the event, along with their response — attending, tentative, and declined. You can now click on that contact’s name to go directly to their page instead of having to search for them. Fewer clicks!

We hope these enhancements in the Wealthbox calendar help because after all, it’s all about time – yours!

And yes, we have even more calendar enhancement coming in the near future. Stay tuned!

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