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Docupace Partners with Wealthbox to Streamline the Account Opening Process

August 18, 2020

Today, team Wealthbox is happy to announce a new partnership with Docupace, and together we’re releasing an integration that streamlines the account opening process and improves back-office operations. (Advisors: Sign up to the Wealthbox + Docupace webinar to see this in action.)

How it works

This new automated account opening feature in Wealthbox allows Docupace users to send contact information from Wealthbox directly to Docupace to pre-fill account opening forms and more. Through the Docupace library, users have the ability to pre-fill hundreds of forms, simplifying the form-handling process by reducing time-consuming data entry.

A detailed look at the new integration

Docupace users who enable the integration can “Send to” Docupace to kick off new form-filling processes, including account openings:

Review information before sending:

Once sent, the information from Wealthbox will pre-fill eligible forms within Docupace.

See the integration in action…

Learn why the integration between Docupace and Wealthbox provides an excellent solution to streamlining the account opening process at our live webinar on September 10th at 2:00pm ET.  Sign up now!

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