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Enhanced in Wealthbox: Enterprise Admin Controls

October 3, 2023

Team Wealthbox is excited to announce that we’ve expanded the administrative controls available to firms on our Enterprise plans. These more granular enhancements will help larger firms ensure that compliance requirements are met, especially as firms grow in both size and complexity.

Here are a few of the enhanced controls:

1 Admin Enforcement for Organization-Wide 2-Factor Authentication

Firms on all Wealthbox plans are able to require 2-factor authentication for all users in a given workspace. Now, any firm on an Enterprise plan will be able to enforce 2-factor authentication for all of the firm’s workspaces.

Two-factor authentication enforced for all workspaces.

2 Integration Permissions

Wealthbox is integrated with over 100 wealth-tech partners, but some IT and Compliance teams require all technology to be approved before it can be used by advisors. Now, with more granular integration permissions, enterprise firms can set permissions to disable specific integration options within Wealthbox.

Integration admin controls in Wealthbox

3 Email Controls

For firms concerned about advisors and staff sending emails in bulk, Wealthbox now allows Enterprise firms to disable bulk email capabilities. This new control will remove email-related activities from the Bulk Actions menu for all users.

4 File Storage Controls

Enterprise firms can now disable Wealthbox Cloud, our native file storage system, which will restrict a user’s ability to upload files into Wealthbox. This will help firms ensure that advisors and staff are storing files in the proper place, whether that’s Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or another solution.

5 Admin Export Restrictions

Wealthbox has now taken an additional step to help Enterprise firms protect their data by giving the option to disable data exports. When this setting is activated, users will no longer see the option to export data from anywhere in Wealthbox.

Jomin Bishop, VP of Enterprise at Wealthbox

“As Wealthbox continues its successful path upmarket to provide large RIAs and broker-dealers with enterprise-grade CRM technology, we’re introducing new features and product enhancements to support these firms,” said Jomin Bishop, VP of Enterprise at Wealthbox. “These new administrative controls will give firms more flexibility in how they roll out Wealthbox to their advisors and staff.”

All of these enhancements are available to firms on the Wealthbox Enterprise plan. If you’re already a Wealthbox subscriber and interested in learning more about how to upgrade your plan to Enterprise, please reach out to

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