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Enterprise Feature Upgrade: Customizable Activity Stream with User Filtering and Search

March 15, 2022

As Wealthbox increasingly onboards larger RIA firm customers with tens and hundreds of users, the activity stream was turning into a fire hose of CRM updates from coworkers. So we fixed it with activity stream configuration, filtering, and search functionality. Read on!

The Wealthbox Activity Stream

Wealthbox is a social CRM with many features to improve collaboration. Within an advisory firm, the collaborative activity stream – where advisors can post client updates and coworkers can comment, like, and even respond with emojis – is a core feature. Amidst all the updates by a team of advisors, there is often a desire to focus on only a few users or a few specific activities. This is the intention of the latest update to bring activity search to the Wealthbox dashboard, and user-based filtering to all activity streams in Wealthbox.

How Customizable Streams Work

Dashboard activity search

Simply enter some text into the search field to immediately narrow down your firm’s activity.

Need more specificity? You can narrow the activity down to specific activity types, including contacts, notes, phone calls, tasks, events, workflows, opportunities, files, and more. These search features can be used separately or together to great effect.

User-based activity filtering

Firms using Wealthbox can have hundreds of users collaborating within a single workspace (or they can work in sub-workspaces). With this update, all Wealthbox users can configure their activity stream to include only activity for a subset of users to filter:

User-based filtering is available for all activity streams in Wealthbox: the dashboard, contacts, projects, and opportunities. This makes it easy, for example, to see what your team has been up to across everything (the dashboard) or individual records (contacts, projects, and opportunities).

How does it work?

The user filter narrows down activity published by a specific user. For example, if you select Brad in your user filter, you’d see activity created by Brad — this includes activity like creating a contact, moving an opportunity to a different stage, scheduling an event, completing tasks and workflow steps, and more.

When you change your user filter, that same filter applies to all activity streams in Wealthbox so you have a consistent view everywhere. If you want to see activity for additional users, the filter is only a click away.

We hope you enjoy this new functionality designed for our enterprise customers. Happy collaborations in Wealthbox!

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