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Envestnet | Tamarac Partners with Wealthbox to Boost Advisor Efficiency

March 19, 2024

Wealthbox + Envestnet | Tamarac

Today, Wealthbox is excited to announce an integration with Envestnet | Tamarac, a web-based portfolio rebalancing and performance reporting platform for independent advisors and wealth managers. Tamarac enables investment advisors to run their businesses with greater efficiency, scale, and profitability. The integration with Wealthbox allows advisors to access account details, holdings, billing information, and custom fields from Tamarac within the Wealthbox Contact Record. Additionally, advisors can quickly jump between Tamarac and Wealtbox using single sign-on.

Wealthbox + Tamarac

View our previously recorded live webinar to learn more about the integration between Wealthbox + Tamarac.

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Dan Miller Vice President, Product Development Envestnet | TamaracDan Miller, Vice President, Product Development at Envestnet | Tamarac

“The Envestnet Wealth Management platform prioritizes integrated workflows as the cornerstone of our development strategy,” said Dan Miller, Vice President, Product Development at Envestnet | Tamarac. “Each update, from minor enhancements to major feature rollouts, is crafted with the goal of streamlining the transfer of data between our clients’ technology and our own. Achieving a holistic user experience is our end goal. The collaboration with Wealthbox is another strategic step towards achieving this vision, and we’re thrilled about the possibilities this integration brings to our users.”

Steve Carroll, Head of Product at WealthboxSteve Carroll, Head of Product at Wealthbox

“Wealthbox is pleased to announce the inclusion of Tamarac into our integrated ecosystem,” said Steve Carroll, Head of Product at Wealthbox. “We are delighted to offer advisors an opportunity to increase their firm’s efficiency by displaying Tamarac account details on their clients’ Contact Records, providing quick access to their holdings, billing information, and custom fields from within Wealthbox.”

How it works

Once the integration has been enabled, clients from Tamarac will be automatically mapped to Wealthbox contacts using the contact’s first name and email address. If no matches are found, the first and last names will be used as a secondary search to map the client between Wealthbox and Tamarac. Advisors will always have the ability to manually link a client if automapping doesn’t return an exact match.

After mapping has been completed, advisors will gain visibility into the following account information for all mapped clients.

Tamarac Accounts and Balances

Users can view Tamarac accounts and balances conveniently on the Tamarac tab, directly from the Contact Record page within Wealthbox.

Tamarac accounts and balances within a Wealthbox contact record.

General Account Information

With the integration between Wealthbox and Tamarac, advisors can now view account details including account type, account description, and account address information.

General Tamarac account information in Welathbox.


Advisors can view and manage a detailed breakdown of holdings within each account, enabling them to analyze and comprehend the composition of portfolios with ease.

Client positions from Envestnet | Tamarac inside of Wealthbox.


This integration streamlines the billing process, providing advisors with clear visibility and control over financial arrangements within each account.

Tamarac billing information in Wealthbox.

Custom Fields

Advisors can utilize custom fields tailored to each client’s financial profile ranging from specialized categorizations to unique identifiers that provide a personalized approach to managing client accounts.

Tamarac custom fields inside of Wealthbox contact record.

Check out the new Wealthbox + Tamarac integration page to take advantage of Tamarac’s platform today!

Wealthbox + Tamarac

View our previously recorded live webinar to learn more about the integration between Wealthbox + Tamarac.

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