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Wealthbox Syncs with FMG Suite

CRM + Digital Marketing = Business Growth!

August 19, 2019

Wealthbox and FMG Suite Integration

As software products mature in a given wealth-tech category, such as CRM software for advisors, they begin to take on different flavors that shape the overall utility of the product. Beyond the core CRM features we continue to enhance, the ingredients you’ll increasingly see baked into Wealthbox is that of a fusion between CRM and digital marketing features, add-on services, and partner integrations.

Along this tasty path, today we’re delighted to announce that FMG Suite has integrated to Wealthbox via the Wealthbox API for two-way syncing. (Read the FMG Suite press release here.)

FMG Suite is a marketing platform that has over 40,000 advisor customers who use their technology platform to nurture leads, deepen client relationships, and grow their businesses. From website design/hosting to email newsletters to social media campaigns to content marketing, FMG Suite’s product set pairs well with Wealthbox CRM.

In Sync: Wealthbox + FMG Suite

At the core of this new Wealthbox + FMG Suite integration is a contact sync between Wealthbox and FMG Suite, where advisors can sync contacts from Wealthbox to FMG Suite so FMG can automate its marketing functionality.

Here’s some examples: With included filters, advisors can sync all contacts from Wealthbox, or a subset of contacts from Wealthbox based on tags. This sync can be configured to run once or at the end of each day, so that contacts can stay up to date in both applications.

Additionally, tag data will sync to FMG Suite from Wealthbox to create targeted marketing campaigns in FMG Suite.

As new leads are captured from FMG Webforms, for example, they’re automatically pushed to Wealthbox. Advisors can qualify those leads and create opportunities in Wealthbox.

FMG Suite’s integration with Wealthbox CRM is a great way to boost productivity, minimize duplicative data entry, and develop deeper connections with customers through a suite of integrated marketing tools.

Watch the webinar on the integration between Wealthbox and FMG.

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