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Holistiplan Partners with Wealthbox to Streamline Tax Return Analysis

August 11, 2020

Today we’re happy to announce a new partnership with Holistiplan, a new tax planning software for advisors, built to systematize and automate the process of reviewing a client’s tax return to find the potential planning opportunities. (See also Holistiplan’s press release.)

Advisors: Sign up to the webinar about Holistiplan + Wealthbox.

Through this new integration, financial advisors can send household information to Holistiplan to avoid duplicate data entry. Information such as household members and birth dates can be imported to Holistiplan. Then, once Holistiplan runs its analysis on a tax return, key figures and the system-generated observations can be dropped back into Wealthbox as a note.

Roger Pine, CFP®, CFA, Co-Founder of Holistiplan

Roger Pine, CFP®, CFA, Co-Founder of Holistiplan said, “This partnership with Wealthbox supports our goal to help advisors deliver richer financial planning to more clients. Now advisors on the Wealthbox platform can seamlessly incorporate automatically-generated tax planning information from Holistiplan. We think it will be a game changer for advisor efficiency, and we are grateful for Wealthbox’s support in making it happen.”

“Holistiplan’s unique and innovative tax planning software is a fantastic fit in integrating with Wealthbox CRM for our mutual customers,” said John Rourke, Wealthbox CEO. “We’re delighted to have Holistiplan join the growing Wealthbox ecosystem of leading wealth-tech vendors to help advisors help their clients.”

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Learn why the integration between Holistiplan and Wealthbox provides the perfect solution for automating the process of reviewing a client’s tax return to find the potential planning opportunities at our live webinar on Tuesday, Aug 18 at 2:00pm ET. Sign up now!

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