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How One Financial Advisor Switched to Wealthbox CRM – Twice!

He lost a bet and won the best CRM for his growing firm.

June 23, 2016


A Happy Customer

Alex Chalekian is the founder and CEO of Lake Avenue Financial, a registered investment adviser located in Pasadena, California. A 13-year veteran user of Salesforce CRM, Alex heard some buzz about Wealthbox CRM and did a 14-day free trial. Alex loved the simplicity and elegant user experience of Wealthbox and decided to migrate over a decade of contacts and notes data into Wealthbox. He became a happy, paying subscriber.

But then a merger happened…

Partly through acquisitions, Alex has grown his business and tripled his practice size in the last two years. But one acquired firm was using another advisor CRM and they convinced Alex to go with this older CRM technology. He obliged his newly acquired team and switched out of Wealthbox.

He wrote to us:

“I really like Wealthbox CRM and was fighting to keep it for the last 3 months.”Alex Chalekian

Alex Chalekian

We replied:

“No problem, Alex. You’ll switch back to Wealthbox – again! I’ll bet you $5.00”John Rourke, CEO of Wealthbox

John Rourke, CEO of Wealthbox

With good-natured amusement, Alex accepted the wager. And four months later, Alex emailed back:

“After multiple meetings with my team, we have decided to move back to Wealthbox!”Alex Chalekian

Alex Chalekian

And in the mail, like the gentleman that he is, Alex made good on his lost bet…


Glad to have you back, Alex!

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