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How Wealthbox Fueled Business Growth for Forefront Advisor Network

“Wealthbox has the engine of a Ferrari and the ease of use of an iPhone.”

April 25, 2024

Forefront Advisor Network is an independent financial advisory firm based in Austin, TX with 20 financial professionals that provides integrated financial planning, tax optimization, and other resources in one collaborative network to simplify their clients’ financial journeys. Their tech-forward approach leverages key tools to streamline operations and enhance the overall client experience.

Wealthbox Senior Product Specialist, Chris Kopanski, recently sat down with Eric Negron, CEO & Founder of Forefront Advisor Network, to discuss the role that Wealthbox has played in Forefront’s growth.

Since Forefront switched from Redtail and began using Wealthbox 8 years ago, their team and business have grown tremendously. As the firm’s operations expand, Wealthbox has proved to be an intuitive and reliable CRM solution, seamlessly accommodating growth while maintaining efficiency and effectiveness.

Check out the video of Chris and Eric’s conversation to learn:

    • How Wealthbox enabled Forefront Advisor Network to grow their business by 100x.
    • The struggles the team faced with adopting other CRMs and how Wealthbox changed that.
    • How Wealthbox has become Eric and his team’s central hub for communication, collaboration, and streamlining client onboarding processes.
    • A few key features that Eric relies on most and how they’ve impacted his daily routine—in the best way possible.

Stay tuned for more Wealthbox customer stories coming soon!

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