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Introducing Android Push Notifications

June 8, 2022

Wealthbox Android push notifications on the #1-rated mobile app in wealth-tech are here! Never miss an important event, reminder, or @-mention in Wealthbox. Just enable the new notifications feature and you’ll be connected to your team in real-time, wherever you are.

How It Works

Android push notifications are connected to the Wealthbox in-app notifications you already know and love. Once enabled, users will receive Android push notifications like event invites, task assignments, notes, comments, email reminders, and more. Tapping the notification will bring you directly to that item within the Wealthbox app.

All push notification content is generalized, protecting private information from being exposed through the notification itself. Instead of displaying messages like Brad Creedon created a note ‘SSN 123-45-6789’ related to Mary Keston, you’ll see Brad Creedon created a note related to a contact. That way, client info is never at risk of being seen by the wrong person.

How to Enable Android Notifications

On Android, push notifications are automatically enabled, and they will work across any and all of your workspaces in Wealthbox. You can update your Wealthbox notification settings on Android in the system settings.

We hope you enjoy this new enhancement in Wealthbox. Stay tuned for more mobile updates this summer as you work on the beach with Wealthbox!

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