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Introducing Customized Contact Roles

July 28, 2022

By popular demand from advisors, team Wealthbox is delighted to release a new feature today: customized Contact Roles! Here’s some background to explain this new feature in Wealthbox, below.

When a business grows, it becomes more challenging to communicate responsibilities across the team. A small advisory firm can keep clear lines of communication more easily than a large firm because there are fewer people — thus fewer lines of communication. But as the business’s size increases, and the number of employees doubles and then doubles again, areas of responsibility and communication need to improve as well.

One way growing firms might opt to divide responsibilities is via specialization. For example, some advisors might focus on financial planning while others focus on investment advice. In a large firm, you might see several teams — each with their own clients — comprising advisors who specialize in investment, planning, and insurance, supported by several operational staff members who float across multiple teams.

Available today, Wealthbox has added Contact Roles to Pro, Premier, and Enterprise plans, making it even easier to communicate areas of responsibility for a client.

Contact Roles

Contact Roles are custom “assigned to” fields for contact records. For example, you can create a role for “Investment Advisor” and assign the appropriate user to each client in your firm.

When a user is assigned to a Contact Role, they will automatically have access to the contact and be notified about that assignment according to their preferences.

Customize Your Firm’s Contact Roles

You can customize Contact Roles to meet your firm’s needs. Define the name of the role and who can be assigned to it. That way, you can make sure your intern isn’t unintentionally responsible for compliance.

Contact Roles are available on Pro (up to 3), Premier (up to 5), and Enterprise (unlimited) plans of Wealthbox.

Filter for Users Assigned to Contact Roles

Update Role Assignment in Bulk

What’s next?

Later this year, customized Contact Roles will dynamically drive workflow and task assignments. Stay tuned for updates!

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