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LeadsBridge Partners with Wealthbox to Streamline Lead Generation with Digital Advertising

October 1, 2020

Today we’re happy to announce a new partnership with LeadsBridge, a digital advertising and lead generation platform.

(Advisors: Watch the Wealthbox + LeadsBridge webinar to learn more about this new integration.)

Stefania Vichi, Chief Analytics Officer with LeadsBridge

“Currently, we integrate over 370 tools with each other, helping companies to streamline their lead generation and sales processes, breaking down data silo issues, and, therefore, improving the performance of their marketing campaigns. Thanks to the partnership with Wealthbox CRM, even advisors will have access to the most advanced technologies to improve the effectiveness of their lead generation and marketing,” said Stefania Vichi, Chief Analytics Officer with LeadsBridge.

Through this new integration, financial advisors can have contact records created for the leads collected through social media advertising campaigns, as well as, create retargeting campaigns for other leads and prospects.

LeadsBridge’s unique and innovative digital advertising platform is a great fit in integrating with Wealthbox CRM,” said Ernie Lacroix, Director of Partnerships. “We’re delighted to have LeadsBridge join Wealthbox to help advisors grow their businesses through digital lead-generation.”

Watch the Webinar

Learn why the integration between LeadsBridge and Wealthbox helps advisors with digital advertising and lead generation. Watch the on-demand video.

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