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Introducing “Outcomes” in Workflows

Conditional logic in your workflows for the way things happen

September 25, 2019


Today, we’re excited to announce a really big update to workflows that Spock would love, called “Outcomes.” They’re logical!

As you may know, workflows in Wealthbox are business process documentation that you can act on flawlessly every time. Simply create a template that matches a process in your advisory practice and start that workflow to deliver a consistent experience to clients. Because everything is documented, nothing falls through the cracks.

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”Mike Tyson

Repeatable processes are a big time-saver, but sometimes things don’t go as planned. For instance, you call a client for their annual review meeting but get their voicemail. Or, you have to reschedule a meeting because something else came up. Or an address change needs to be processed before you can submit a form. In the day of an advisor, things happen, and things don’t always go according to plan.

Introducing Outcomes in the Workflows of Wealthbox

With the new Outcomes feature, you can build conditional logic into your workflows, for a change in plans.

It’s as simple as asking “What would happen if…” for any of your existing workflow steps.

If there’s a decision-making process that initiates a different action, a desired “outcome” can be added to accommodate that action.

Want to see Outcomes in Action?

Reserve your spot now to join advisor-tech expert Bill Winterberg and Wealthbox Head of Product, Steve Carroll on October 2 at 3pm EST for a demo of “Outcomes” in the Workflows of Wealthbox.

View the Workflow Templates and Starting and Managing Workflows product tours to learn more about building and managing workflows in Wealthbox.

Workflow Outcomes are available on the Pro and Premier plans of Wealthbox.

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