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New in Wealthbox: Templated Workflow Outcome Comments

June 4, 2024

We’re excited to announce an enhancement to our workflow capabilities that will streamline your workflow management. With this latest feature release, completing a workflow step with outcomes becomes much easier – and more efficient.

Adding Comments to Your Outcomes

One key element of any workflow is tracking outcomes and providing relevant comments.
While adding comments when completing a workflow step isn’t new, the ability to set templated outcome comments to a workflow is. This means users can now create predefined templates if additional information should be logged when a specific workflow outcome is selected.

Adding a comment to a Workflow outcome in Wealthbox.

How It Works

Users can create specific comment templates for each outcome when defining workflow templates. For example, if there’s an outcome called “form not complete,” users can set up a comment template with a space for “What information is missing?”. This ensures that the relevant comment template appears whenever an outcome is selected, prompting users to provide the necessary information consistently.

Adding a new outcome with a templated comment in Wealthbox.

This feature allows users to add templated notes to their selected outcomes, providing valuable context and information. Whether capturing client feedback, documenting essential details, or noting follow-up actions, templated outcome comments ensure that critical information is not missed and is standardized across the board.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to enhance your Wealthbox experience.

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