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New in Wealthbox: Workflow Step Categories

May 27, 2021

When you’re trying to get work done, it can be helpful to batch activities by type. For example, maybe you’re on a flight and you can’t make phone calls, but you can spend an hour sending emails. You’re basically batching up your emails. Similarly, with activities in Wealthbox, you can now group your tasks with workflow step categories to stay organized.

How It Works

Wealthbox makes it easy to categorize your workflow steps and tasks so you can get more done, faster. In Wealthbox, you can see all your assignments right on the Tasks page — and narrow down specific to-dos based on their category.

Start with a Workflow Template

Now in Wealthbox, you can build templates with steps that have categories, so you can standardize your processes across your whole firm and gain the efficiency that comes with batching up your assignments.

When building out a workflow template, you can choose a category for any of the steps:

One Category List for All Your To-Do’s

Tasks and workflow steps share the same category list in Wealthbox. You can manage your categories list via the settings in Wealthbox:

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