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New Integration: eMoney Advisor

eMoney’s emX financial planning software syncs with Wealthbox CRM and promotes Wealthbox in-app.

January 10, 2017


Software Besties: CRM + Financial Planning

bestiesCRM software and financial planning software are best friends among online tools for financial advisors.
They’re the two most widely used software products by advisors and the connection between them yields productivity. Today Wealthbox CRM, made by Starburst Labs, is happy to announce a product integration and marketing program with a new friend of tall stature in wealth tech: Fidelity’s eMoney Advisor. This integration, enabled via the Wealthbox API, is now available across eMoney’s emX product suite.

Friendly Features

Financial planners using the eMoney emX product will have a number of new goodies available to them with the Wealthbox CRM integration, including…

  • “Turn On” and “Free Trial” buttons in the eMoney Applications section
  • Single sign-on from eMoney to Wealthbox
  • Simple switching between eMoney and Wealthbox views
  • Linking and importing Wealthbox clients into eMoney
  • 2-way sync of client data between eMoney and Wealthbox

Ultimately, this integration is about ease-of-use and time-savings to help advisors manage client relationships between eMoney and Wealthbox.

Get Turned On


If you’re an eMoney customer, log into emX and choose “View All Applications” at the advisor navigation bar and click on “Wealthbox.” Next, click on the green “Turn On” button and enter your credentials and click “Send” to enable the integration. (If you’re not a Wealthbox user, now it’s time to answer this question: When you turn your CRM on, does it return the favor? If the answer is no, feel free to click on the “Free Trial” button now promoted within eMoney to their 40,000 advisor customers or sign up here.)

We’ll be setting up webinar demos to showcase the new Wealthbox + eMoney integration soon, so stay tuned. For more information, check out eMoney’s blog post and demo videos.

“Wealthbox and eMoney are a super powerful combination to run my advisory practice.”Jason Ellis, Wealth Advisor, Vision Retirement

Jason Ellis

The Wealthbox API

wealthbox-api-box__smallThe eMoney + Wealthbox integration has been enabled by the Wealthbox API. Stay tuned for more integration partner announcements. Fintech partners: Interested in integrating to Wealthbox? Learn more here.

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