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New Partnership: Addepar Integrates Portfolio Data with Client Records in Wealthbox

May 25, 2022

Today we’re happy to announce a new partnership and integration between Wealthbox and Addepar. This new connection allows advisors using Wealthbox to see summarized details from Addepar for a client’s portfolio. These details include asset class, value, and percent of portfolio. Additionally, advisors will have the ability to quickly access linked Addepar clients from Wealthbox contact pages and manage linked Addepar clients within Wealthbox.

Watch the webinar to learn more about the integration between Wealthbox + Addepar.

Nicholas Morse, VP, Head of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances, Addepar

“Addepar is excited to partner with Wealthbox to provide aggregated and verified data to Wealthbox so that advisors can reference portfolio information and easily link back to the Addepar platform for further analysis,” said Nicholas Morse, VP, Head of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances at Addepar. “Addepar’s strategy is to partner with best-of-breed integration partners that add significant value to our clients’ day-to-day operations. Wealthbox has done a great job building an intuitive user interface for advisors to manage their current clients and prospect new business.”

Jomin Bishop, VP of Sales, Wealthbox

“The integration partnership with Addepar is a big win for advisors and multi-family office customers of Wealthbox,” said Jomin Bishop. “Addepar’s tech-forward software with the new Wealthbox integration will allow advisors to increase efficiency while delivering personalized high-touch service to clients.”

Here’s How Wealthbox and Addepar Work Together

Enabling this integration allows users to see account balances from Addepar on contact record pages in Wealthbox and seamlessly SSO from Wealthbox to Addepar to view more account details.

Enable the integration

View Addepar accounts for contacts in Wealthbox

Wealthbox will connect to Addepar and begin transferring accounts from Addepar to view from contact record pages in Wealthbox. Accounts from Addepar should begin displaying on Wealthbox contact record pages within 24-48 hours.

Watch the Webinar

Watch the webinar to learn more about the integration between Wealthbox + Addepar.

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