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Indyfin Partners with Wealthbox to Help Advisors Gather Client Feedback, Ratings, and Reviews

May 25, 2022

Today Wealthbox is excited to announce an integration with Indyfin, the investor experience platform that helps clients find, research and connect with advisors that meet their unique financial needs.

Watch the webinar to learn more about the integration between Wealthbox + Indyfin.

When matching investors with advisors, Indyfin considers more than just time to retirement and location. Instead, the product leverages data from client feedback to identify and evaluate other important factors like professional background, risk profiles, personality, and an advisor’s areas of expertise when matching clients to the perfect advisor.

The integration between Wealthbox and Indyfin seamlessly syncs Wealthbox Advisor contacts into Indyfin’s feedback workflows to streamline the process of gathering a client’s assessment of their advisor. Client feedback is an invaluable asset for advisors looking to improve client relationships and build trust with new prospects but also provides Indyfin the data it needs to build a robust advisor profile. Indyfin advisor profiles are optimized for SEO and provide investors with the social proof they need to make an informed decision about choosing a financial advisor.

Akshay Singh, Founder of Indyfin

“This first-of-its-kind technology integration will dramatically decrease the time it takes for Wealthbox advisors to start gathering feedback from clients. The SEC’s new marketing rule opens the door for online client testimonials, reviews, and ratings, and feedback is the start of that journey,” said Akshay Singh. “The stories shared by clients that have benefited from working with advisors far surpass anything an advisor can say about themselves.”

Charlie Fargo, Head of Product Partnerships

Indyfin is a great addition to our Wealthbox community,” said Charlie Fargo. “They are innovatively solving an important need of helping clients research and find an advisor.

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Watch the webinar to learn more about the integration between Wealthbox + Indyfin.

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