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OnBord Partners with Wealthbox for Simplified Client Onboarding

March 14, 2024

Wealthbox + OnBord

Today, Wealthbox is excited to announce an integration with OnBord, a tool that revolutionizes the client onboarding process for wealth management firms by simplifying the collection, processing, and utilization of client data. With OnBord, advisors can collect important information and automatically pre-fill data within their CRM, account opening documents, and internal forms. When advisors use the integration between OnBord and Wealthbox, client information is collected within the OnBord platform and automatically synced with Wealthbox contact records—eliminating manual data entry and boosting efficiency. OnBord will also generate any onboarding-related tasks within Wealthbox.

Wealthbox + OnBord

View our previously recorded live webinar to learn more about the integration between Wealthbox + OnBord.

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Getting started

Setting up the integration between OnBord and Wealthbox is easy. Once in OnBord, click the “link” button and simply log into your Wealthbox account. Once you see that Wealthbox has been “Verified” the integration is successfully enabled and can start being used.

How it works

Once the integration is enabled, advisors can log into OnBord and start adding new clients. Users will be able to choose between adding an existing client by searching for them in Wealthbox or creating a new client directly within the OnBord dashboard.

Selecting to create a new client contact in OnBord.

Once an option is selected, the advisor will follow the prompts to enter the client’s contact information and kick off their onboarding process.

Inputting client's name into OnBord.

Advisors are then able to select the accounts they’d like to open for their clients. By doing so, a task will automatically be triggered back in Wealthbox. Additionally, OnBord will automatically add related data collection questions to the client questionnaire to gain all of the necessary data required for the account opening process.

Adding and opening new accounts for a client in OnBord.

As soon as all data has been entered by the advisor, the next step is to collect the remaining data from clients. Advisors can simply click a button and their client will immediately be sent a welcome email and text message prompting them to complete the questionnaire.

Sending client onboarding forms and SMS to clients via OnBord.

All collected information from the advisor and client questionnaires will be instantly updated in Wealthbox in addition to generating related tasks for account opening needs.

A new contact created in Wealthbox by OnBord.
Nick Bernardo, CEO and Founder of OnBord.Nick Bernardo, CEO and Founder of OnBord

“At OnBord, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing the wealth management industry through innovative solutions that streamline processes and enhance client experiences,” said Nick Bernardo, CEO and Founder of OnBord. “Our recent integration with Wealthbox underscores our commitment to empowering wealth management firms with cutting-edge technology. By seamlessly connecting our data gathering process with Wealthbox’s robust CRM platform, we’re enabling our clients to elevate their efficiency and focus on what truly matters – building meaningful relationships and delivering exceptional financial services.”

Erin Bickford, VP of Marketing at WealthboxErin Bickford,
VP of Marketing at Wealthbox

“Wealthbox proudly welcomes OnBord as our newest wealth-tech partner,” said Erin Bickford, VP of Marketing at Wealthbox. “OnBord’s innovative approach has revolutionized the onboarding data collection process, offering advisors a seamless experience to input information in one location, while effortlessly syncing it to their desired destinations.”

Check out the new Wealthbox + OnBord integration page to start taking advantage of OnBord’s onboarding platform today!

Wealthbox + OnBord

View our previously recorded live webinar to learn more about the integration between Wealthbox + OnBord.

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