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Scaling an Advisory Firm With CRM

How Maia Wealth grew from 3 advisors to a team of 30 with Wealthbox

July 12, 2023

Wealthbox Evangelist Diana Cabrices recently sat down with Scott Marek, CEO of Maia Wealth, to discuss the role that Wealthbox has played in Maia Wealth’s growth.

Since its inception, Maia Wealth has grown from 3 advisors to over 30 advisors and staff, with clients across the entire United States. Because the firm has team members spread across Denver, Indianapolis, Houston, and Chicago, it’s essential that they use the best technology to stay in lockstep and provide a seamless client experience.

Check out the video of Diana and Scott’s conversation to learn:

    • Which wealth-tech platforms Maia Wealth relies on to serve clients, and how they integrate with Wealthbox.
    • How the firm relies on Wealthbox as the “central hub” for all client activity.
    • The importance of Workflows for Maia Wealth, and the role they play in keeping team members on the same page.
    • Why Scott “wakes up with Wealthbox” every morning.

Stay tuned for more Wealthbox customer stories coming soon!

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