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Time-Saving Feature: @Mentioning

May 23, 2014

Here’s a little gem of a subtle feature that can save you time when writing a note about a contact in Wealthbox CRM. It’s called “@Mentioning.” It allows you to write notes about a given contact name within Wealthbox right from the “publisher” at the top of the Wealthbox dashboard, without having to take the laborious steps of searching for a contact and clicking to the contact record page and then writing the note.

Here’s how @Mentions work from the dashboard of Wealthhbox to save you time when adding notes to contacts:

Let’s say you spoke on the phone with a client of yours, Delilah Jones, the mother of twins, who’s wondering about how she’s going to pay for college tuition. Clearly, she’s a candidate for college 529 plans. Here’s how you can record this note about your conversation.


As you can see in the images, simply write your note in the dashboard publisher and type the @ symbol and begin typing the contact’s name (eg., person, company, or household). The options will auto-complete as you type and you can click on “Delilah Jones” to automatically insert it in your note; it will highlight in blue and hyperlink. When you click “post” in the publisher, this note will cascade into the activity stream and also be recorded in the activity history section on the contact record page of Delilah Jones – without having to search and go to this page. Obviously, this social-style @mentioning in Wealthbox is private and stays within the Wealthbox CRM system.

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