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Wealthbox 1.7 – New Integrations & Enhancements

January 29, 2015

Today we’re releasing Wealthbox CRM version 1.7 with a flavorful assortment of new add-ons and enhancements. We’re announcing this new release from the exhibit floor of the TD Ameritrade Advisor Conference in San Diego, called National LINC, where we are a sponsor. Here’s what’s new in Wealthbox 1.7…


Google Calendar

Wealthbox is now integrated with Google Calendar, in a 2-way sync. Advisors can enter, modify, and delete events on either calendar and have these event actions published in both calendars. We get many requests for this feature and are happy to release it. Advisors are increasingly using many different tools in the cloud, especially Google.

MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber

Wealthbox users can now do quick importing of their grouped Wealthbox contacts for sending email marketing campaigns via MailChimp, Constant Contact, and AWeber.


An advisor’s Facebook feed can now be privately seen inside his or her Wealthbox account with this new integration. This allows an advisor to privately monitor life events that happen in their circle of friends. Read more about the new Facebook add-on and why it’s helpful to advisors.

LaserApp Anywhere

Wealthbox is now integrated to LaserApp Anywhere. Users can send client information to LaserApp with one “Send To Laserapp Anywhere” click and have all client information sent up for easy form population.


By popular demand from Wealthbox users, we made a significant amount of enhancements to existing feature modules. Keep the feedback coming!

Contact Management

  • We improved page viewing of contacts. Advisors now have options to view 25/50/75/100 contacts per page.
  • We updated “bulk actions” with the ability to select an entire tag/group/search result to perform actions.
  • We added “Primary” and “Mailing address” indicators for contact email, street addresses.
  • We added “Gender” and “Marital Status” fields
  • Document Mail Merge: It’s old-school but some advisors requested it. Now users can upload Microsoft Word-based templates and perform mail-merges on contact tags, searches, or groups.

Task Management

  • We added task completion notifications to close the loop.
  • We added task reassignment notifications to re-allocate work assignments.

Automated Workflows

  • We added the ability to indicate “priority” for a workflow step. Now advisors can know which workflow steps are most important with High, Medium, and Low priorities.
  • For a consistent user experience, we now allow Enterprise Wealthbox customers to create workflow templates and share them with all other CRM workspaces they manage.


  • We augmented the manual investment account tracking. Advisors can now track any manual account data for their clients including assets, coverage, important dates, transaction and beneficiary information.

Print Views

  • Printable views of your most commonly sections in Wealthbox including Contact profile, Calendar, Tasks, Opportunities, and your Projects.


  • We improved the CSV exporting tool with more fields.

Help Center

  • We improved and continue to publish more Q&A content and produce more tutorial videos to allow advisors to quickly get their answers.

System Performance

  • Performance enhancements throughout app, optimizations, speed improvements

We hope you enjoy these upgrades and improvements in Wealthbox. Watch out for the rolling releases of Wealthbox version 1.8 that you’ll start to see soon. And again, thanks for all the feedback!

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