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Wealthbox Announces Enterprise CRM Agreement with NHTrust

April 17, 2024

Wealthbox + NHTrust

Today, Wealthbox announced a new enterprise CRM agreement with NHTrust, a New England-based financial services firm. This strategic partnership underscores NHTrust’s commitment to enhancing its client relationship management capabilities. With $1.4 billion in assets under management (AUM), NHTrust is positioned to optimize its operations and elevate its service offerings with Wealthbox.

Wealthbox’s CRM platform is uniquely designed to meet the complex needs of large firms like NHTrust, providing a comprehensive suite of features including multi-workspace configurations, sophisticated reporting capabilities, enterprise security features, and integrations with leading custodians and wealthtech partners. With an intuitive interface and a focus on user experience, Wealthbox will enable NHTrust’s advisors to spend more time building relationships and less time managing data.

Eulalie Paris, Senior Vice President Operations, Partnerships & Client Experience, NHTrust.Eulalie Paris, Senior Vice President Operations, Partnerships & Client Experience, NHTrust

“We are delighted to partner with Wealthbox for our CRM software implementation,” said Eulalie Paris, Senior Vice President Operations, Partnerships & Client Experience at NHTrust. “At NHTrust, we recognize the importance of using modern technology to enhance our operations and client service. Wealthbox’s platform, tailored for large firms like ours, aligns with our commitment to innovation and efficiency. This collaboration is a significant step in optimizing our advisor experience and ensuring that we continue to deliver exceptional service to our clients.”

Shawn Preisler, SVP of Revenue at WealthboxShawn Preisler, SVP of Revenue at Wealthbox

“Partnering with NHTrust is an exciting milestone in enterprise growth at Wealthbox,” said Shawn Preisler, SVP of Revenue at Wealthbox. “This collaboration reflects our commitment to enhancing the advisor experience for large firms, and we look forward to what’s next.”

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