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Wealthbox Enhances Integration with Schwab Advisor Center

Modern CRM integrated with Schwab Advisor Center for the win!

September 1, 2022

Today we’re happy to announce a new enhancement to the Wealthbox integration with Schwab Advisor Services™. Called Search and Link, this upgrade will improve client record matching between Wealthbox and Schwab Advisor Center®, and make it possible to connect multiple Schwab clients to one Wealthbox contact or household.

How it Works 

With this new enhancement, Schwab Advisor Center users can now search for Schwab clients and link them directly to contacts in Wealthbox.

Wealthbox automatically links Schwab clients to contacts based on their name, phone number, and email address. However, let’s say you have a contact in Wealthbox, but you’re not seeing any account information from Schwab Advisor Center — maybe you haven’t added an email address yet, or their name doesn’t exactly match.

Now, instead of not being able to see the missing Schwab client, you can search for the Schwab client directly from the Wealthbox contact.

Search for client.

Once you find them in the search results, simply click “Link Client,” and the Schwab client’s accounts will be linked to Wealthbox.

Link client

Every time you visit the contact page and click the Schwab tab, that client’s account information will display.

Client account

If you’d like to unlink any Schwab clients from a contact in Wealthbox, simply click “Manage Schwab clients” and then “Unlink Client.”

Unlink client

While Wealthbox automatically aggregates Schwab accounts for family members on a Household in Wealthbox, you can link additional clients directly to the household. Simply search and link multiple Schwab clients!

All linked accounts.

Advisors: Do you use Schwab Advisor Center, but aren’t yet integrated? Here’s how to integrate your Schwab account with Wealthbox.



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