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Wealthbox Selected by Professional Wealth Advisors for Enterprise CRM Software

June 26, 2024

Wealthbox + Professional Wealth Advisors

Today, Wealthbox announced a new enterprise CRM agreement with Professional Wealth Advisors, an independent wealth management firm with office locations in Illinois, Kentucky, and Wisconsin. This partnership reflects Professional Wealth Advisors’ commitment to embracing modern technology and will make Wealthbox available to all 58 financial professionals at the firm.

Professional Wealth Advisors recognizes the importance of an enterprise-grade CRM solution that aligns seamlessly with the firm’s sophisticated needs. Wealthbox’s intuitive interface, advanced features and integrations, and enterprise configurability will allow the Professional Wealth Advisors team to manage client relationships, collaborate as a team, and drive growth.

Peter WilmotPeter Wilmot, Managing Partner at Professional Wealth Advisors

“Our decision to implement Wealthbox is driven by its user-friendly design and powerful features,” said Peter Wilmot, Managing Partner at Professional Wealth Advisors. “Wealthbox’s advanced capabilities will provide our team with valuable insights, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and optimize client engagement strategies. We are confident that Wealthbox will play a crucial role in supporting our firm’s growth and our ongoing commitment to excellence in wealth management.”

Jeff MelloJeff Mello, President and CFO at Wealthbox

“We are thrilled to partner with Professional Wealth Advisors and provide them with a firmwide CRM solution that meets their high standards for efficiency and client management,” said Jeff Mello, President and CFO at Wealthbox. “Wealthbox is designed to streamline the complexities of financial advisory services, offering an intuitive product design and powerful features that enhance productivity and client engagement.”

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