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Workflow Enhancement: Mondays Made Better as a Weekday

Introducing “weekday” workflow selections, so your Mondays aren’t crazy!

February 24, 2020

A Small Yet Big Enhancement in Workflows

It’s always exciting for team Wealthbox and our customers when we release a big new feature. But sometimes, the seemingly smallest of enhancements to an existing feature can have a huge impact on the productivity of a financial advisor using Wealthbox.

In this vane, today we’re introducing an update to Workflows in Wealthbox – namely, “weekday” selecting – so an advisor can ensure workflow steps don’t pile up over the weekend and make one’s Mondays miserable!

Now, advisors can set steps in their workflow templates to be due on weekdays and never have them pile up over the weekend again.

This new functionality is available today for sequential and non-sequential workflows, and it’s fully supported in Workflow Outcomes, a way to build conditional logic into your workflows.

Workflows in Wealthbox Keep Advancing!

If you’re looking to increase your productivity with Wealthbox Workflows, we’ve put together several Product Tours to help you get even more out of workflows:

Product Tours are only a few minutes long and they’re jam-packed with details on how to effectively use features in Wealthbox.

12 Upgrades to Workflows in Wealthbox

Stay tuned for ongoing advancements in Wealthbox Workflows. If you’ve been reading up on what’s new in Wealthbox, you know that over the past few months we’ve released the following improvements to workflows:

  • Workflow Steps due on weekdays (Today!)
  • Workflow Steps on the Tasks page
  • New Workflow Steps widget on the Dashboard
  • Show Workflow Steps in Upcoming Activity widget on Contact, Opportunity, and Project pages
  • Redesigned Workflow Template printing experience
  • Resume a completed Workflow
  • Workflow Outcomes
  • Workflow Template drafts
  • Workflow details available everywhere with flyouts
  • Automatically assign Workflow Steps to the user who starts the Workflow
  • See when a Workflow is predicted to complete with a “Predicted End Date”
  • Schedule Workflows to start on a future date

Want to see Workflow Outcomes in Action?

Watch the Workflow Outcomes webinar now to see advisor-tech expert Bill Winterberg and Wealthbox Head of Product, Steve Carroll demo Outcomes in Wealthbox

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