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Feature Enhancement: Assign Workflow Steps to Teams

March 23, 2023

Assign workflow steps to Teams in Wealthbox

Recently, we announced the ability to create teams and assign tasks to teams in Wealthbox. Today, we’re excited to share that you can also assign workflow steps to teams!

This advanced functionality to Wealthbox Workflows is designed for mid-market and enterprise firms that create specialized teams in Wealthbox to support their operations, with examples including client service, trading, billing, and compliance teams. This release will help these larger firms ensure seamless collaboration and track to-dos across teams.

Here’s how it works…

To get started, go to the “Teams” section in Settings, where Wealthbox admins can create teams that represent departments or teams of coworkers in a firm.

Creating a new team in Wealthbox.

Assigning workflow steps to teams

Once you’ve set up teams in Wealthbox, you’ll be able to assign workflow steps to those teams. You can assign teams to steps within a workflow template or an active workflow.

Assigning a team to a workflow step in Wealthbox.

When you start a workflow from your workflow template, any teams you assigned in the template will automatically be assigned to steps in the workflow as well. As always, you’ll still receive notifications when any workflow step is assigned to you – whether it’s assigned to you specifically or to a team that you’re part of.

Receiving a notification of an assigned task in Wealthbox.

For more information, check out this video “How to Assign Workflow Steps to Teams” from our How-To video series.

Teams are available on Pro (3 teams), Premier (5 teams), and Enterprise (unlimited teams) plans. You can start assigning workflow steps to teams today!

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