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Feature Spotlight: Opportunity Pipelines

Slide right: We introduce a “kanban board” interface to visualize Opportunities in Wealthbox 3

January 6, 2018

One of the new features in the release of Wealthbox 3 will help financial advisors visualize and advance their business in a whole new way: Opportunity Pipelines.

Now, Wealthbox users can create customized stages in columns and add opportunity “cards” to visually track and slide them to the right – with drag-and-drop ease – across a sort of horizontal funnel. At their conclusion at the right side final stage, the cards are dragged into either the “won” or “lost” categories. Multiple pipelines, to manage different lines of business or product/services, can also be created.

The product design of the Pipelines in Wealthbox is modeled after a “kanban board.” Originally developed by Japanese manufacturing companies, the kanban board was started in the 1940s at Toyota. The word in Japanese means a “visual signal” or “card.” Assembly workers used colored cards, initially made of paper, to communicate and collaborate more easily to get work done efficiently.

Today, modern software applications are increasingly incorporating kanban boards in their product interface design. We’re delighted to offer this visually engaging way to manage opportunities in Wealthbox 3.

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