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Introducing Wealthbox 3

Customer feedback combined with our ideas results in the best version to date of Wealthbox CRM for financial advisors.

January 8, 2018

Our biggest update – ever!

Today we’re happy to introduce Wealthbox version 3.0, simply known as “Wealthbox 3.” All customers have now been automatically upgraded to the Wealthbox 3 release, which has different pricing plans based on feature and solution needs of users, firms, and enterprises.


In building Wealthbox 3 in the last year, we listened to our advisor customers and combined their feedback with our vision, digital design know-how, and modern engineering chops. The result is a powerful, beautiful (and still simple!) CRM offering for financial advisors to help them get work done with ease.

What’s new in Wealthbox 3?

Advisors: You’ve got mail!

One of the big features in Wealthbox 3 is a new module called Wealthbox Mail. It’s essentially an advisor inbox, a whole new product we built within our CRM product. Embedded in Wealthbox, Wealthbox Mail syncs two-ways with your email system and boosts the power of Wealthbox massively with its unique interplay of CRM and email technologies.

Some features in Wealthbox Mail include

  • 2-way email sync: Get going with one click and sync all inbound and outbound emails between your email system and Wealthbox.
  • Individual and shared inboxes: Use your primary email, and/or have a shared email address (like “” to collaborate as a team with clients.
  • Open rate and click-through tracking: Did your prospect see your email? Did they click the link to your proposal? Get in the know!
  • Templates and Themes: Operationalize routine, repetitive emails and improve your marketing.
  • Email-to-CRM actions fire The fusion of CRM and email for financial advisors is like no other offering in the market. Simple, powerful, beautiful.
  • Learn more about Wealthbox Mail

Wealthbox Mail: “It’s kinda like CRM & Email had a beautiful baby!”

Rich-text formatting: You got it!

Widely requested, rich-text formatting is now available in Wealthbox 3, in the dashboard publisher, contact record page notes, and comment sections in the various CRM components.

Auto-save: No worries!

When typing a note or comment in Wealthbox 3, the system automatically saves your entries and changes. This reduces the risk of data loss in the case of computer freeze or user error. (Not that Wealthbox users ever make any errors! wink)

Pipelines: Visualize your flow, slide right to win!

We designed a new way to visualize and track your opportunities. Now, with a “kanban board”-style interface in the Opportunities component of Wealthbox 3, you can create customized opportunity stages and slide each opportunity to the right for the win! Multiple opportunity settings for different lines of business are also available to create and track your business. Learn more about Pipelines in Wealthbox 3.

Multiple Workspaces: Expand your advisor network

For financial planning networks, RIA aggregators and OSJs, Wealthbox 3 offers the ability to create multiple, separate CRM workspaces for different teams of advisors. Configurations for advisor networks include both an interconnected workspace option for home office to field office workspace collaboration, as well as private, affiliate workspaces that power an advisor network’s tech stack offering. Read more about this new solution in Wealthbox 3 called Wealthbox for Advisor Networks.

Account Switcher: Navigate between multiple team accounts

Within the multiple workspace functionality noted above, administrators with the interconnected workspace configuration can now seamlessly navigate between CRM accounts to monitor and collaborate with remote teams. Watch how Jason Wenk of FormulaFolio collaborates with 600 users.

Workflow Publishing: Share your templates

Administrative users of Wealthbox 3 who preside over enterprise CRM accounts for advisor networks and broker-dealers can now auto-port and publish workflow templates to multiple CRM account workspaces. We also improved workflows with new notifications, better workflow ordering and inclusion into the daily digest email. (More enhancements for workflows coming up in Wealthbox 3 in 2018!)

Enhanced Navigation: Get there even faster

Left-Side Navigation: To maximize the space for your CRM content, you can now collapse the sidebar of Wealthbox 3. You’ll still have access to all your CRM components (contacts, tasks, workflows, etc.) but visually they’ll turn into icons on the left-side navigation to widen the interface.

Right-Side Slide-Outs: This enhancement comes after the right-side “slide out” of CRM objects for users to quickly enter new information with fewer clicks.

In-App Product Updates: An orange indicator in the upper right corner in Wealthbox 3 alerts users to new features, enhancements and fixes.

Settings: As part of Wealthbox 3, we redesigned the entire Settings section for a faster, more intuitive view of administrative controls and options.

Design: Beauty in the Eye of the Advisor

Adjusted Logo and Color

The Wealthbox brand as manifested in its interface has an even cleaner, more vibrant look, with a new shade of blue. We put more whitespace (bluespace!) around the “W” to improve our logo mark, which helps when viewed in smaller settings. Inside the Wealthbox 3 app we centered the logo at the top of the interface and separated it from your firm’s workspace name for a cleaner look.

New Wealthbox Logo

New Typography

Goodbye Lucida Grande, hello Activ Grotesk. We changed the font in Wealthbox 3 for an updated style and even cleaner look-and-feel.

Redesigned Calendar:

In the Calendar redesign, we improved the “today” indicator on the month view making it more color-blindness friendly. We also added current-time indicators on the day and week views to help you keep an eye on upcoming events.

Improved Marketing Site: Enterprise CRM solutions

We added new sections to the Wealthbox marketing site to be responsive to site visitors coming from large enterprises who are searching for and adding Wealthbox CRM, integrating with our API, and offering it to their advisors that they service. Thus, beyond the Wealthbox for Financial Advisors offering, there are also solutions called Wealthbox for Advisor Networks, and Wealthbox for Institutions.

Plan Pricing: Just the features you need

Instead of the previous $35 per month/user pricing, Wealthbox 3 provides feature choices among three different plans: Basic ($35) Pro ($49) and Premier ($65). All existing users are now upgraded to Wealthbox 3’s Basic plan – which has the new and improved features like notes formatting, auto-saving, new designs, improved performance, etc. Power users and enterprise firms can upgrade to plans which accommodate their feature needs with a few easy clicks.

Hang on, there’s even more!

New Integrations in Wealthbox 3:

Wealthbox 3 comes with new wealth-tech partners that connect via the Wealthbox API and add to our growing suite of integrations.

Featured Integration:

Veo One + Wealthbox 3: Out of the Wealthbox

Coincident with the launch of Wealthbox 3 we’re also announcing a unique and powerful integration with the TD Ameritrade Veo One platform. Now, TD advisors can login to the TD Veo One portal and interact with the CRM components (contacts, tasks, workflows, calendar, etc.) of Wealthbox which have been widgetized and placed in Veo One. Learn more about Veo One + Wealthbox 3.

More integrations in Wealthbox 3:

FMeX, RIA in a Box, Tolerisk, Copytalk, Compliance Hero. All new! And in Wealthbox 3 we improved the Zapier integration for deeper relationships between contact data and related CRM components in Wealthbox. Also, Zapier now has 1,000+ integrations for Wealthbox!

See Wealthbox 3 in action!

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