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Juicy Fruits of Summer

June 23, 2014


Upcoming feature releases on the Wealthbox product roadmap

Well that was quick. Just four months ago we launched Wealthbox CRM to the financial advisor community and here we are at our favorite season, summer! We’re writing this post as an update about a new crop of features we intend to harvest this summer season. We’ve been delighted by the feedback to the early versions of Wealthbox yet there’s lots more to add, ranging from the near-term features listed below to complementary product and broker-dealer integrations that are also in the works.

Following the recent release of the Wealthbox companion mobile app here’s a list of features we plan on introducing soon. Some are fun – summer fun! – and a couple are humdrum but core to a financial advisor’s practice. (Our favorite: Emoji! smile wink thumbsup …Read on.) Aside from these feature releases we’re also making regular design enhancements, system optimizations, and integration preparations on an ongoing basis while also hiring talented people to add to the team here at Gotham Tech Labs in New York City.

Here’s what’s next in Wealthbox CRM


Knowledge Base

Not many of our early version users have requested a knowledge base to answer how-to questions, and we’d like to think that’s due to the simplicity in Wealthbox’s intuitive design. However, as we add more functionality, integrations, and depth to our CRM product we anticipate needing a simple, self-service knowlege base. We’re going to bolster our Help Center with a knowledge base that will include FAQs, how-to illustrations, and instructional videos on various features in Wealthbox.


Multiple Workspaces

We’ve been approached by larger firms who wish to roll-out the Wealthbox CRM product to their field offices. A repeatedly requested feature would allow the home office the ability to login to a single account and collaborate with different advisor teams (in their respective accounts) across the country – while easily switching between CRM workspace accounts from a single dashboard. Accordingly, we’ll be releasing an “Add a CRM Workspace” feature that’ll make user onboarding, team collaboration, and territory management a snap.


Automated Workflows

You asked for it. You’re getting it. Currently Wealthbox has a feature called “Automated Tasks” which allows a user to create sequential tasks based on certain actions (eg. When a new contact name is created, create a certain task). We found many people requesting more robust workflow templates that have some flexibility in them. This is actually a tricky feature to build (in terms of not overbuilding it) and we’re going to air on the side of simplicity as usual but we think it’ll be a big improvement over the basic automated task feature. Stay tuned on this one. We’re seeking the input of several of our avid power users who like the machines telling reminding them what to do.


“Know Your Customer” Fields & Financial Account Records

These data entry-oriented features are a bit of a snooze to release but they’re important to a financial advisor’s practice. Currently Wealthbox has a data-entry template for standard “Additional Info” fields that allows users to add a client’s license number, accountant, etc. We’re essentially enhancing this and will include “Know Your Customer” or “KYC” fields such as investment objectives and experience, estimated net worth, tax fields, the ability to store written agreement signing dates, and more.


Enhanced Search

Currently in Wealthbox you can search by many contact fields (location, company, type, source, just to name a few) and we will be enhancing this over the summer to include related contacts, net worth, agreement dates, investment experience and more.


Enhanced Find/Merge Duplicates

We recently added the basic functionality of duplicate merging and are enhancing this search for duplicate contacts by name, email address, or phone number then choose up to three contacts at a time to go through an interactive merging process combining them into one record.


New Task Page

It’s fair to say that this isn’t really a new feature but it will be a significant design enhancement. Our Task pages need to be visually improved to optimize the advisor experience. We’re going to improve the layout and we’ll add touches like task flagging. We’ve actually had very positive feedback to the current tasking system in Wealthbox, but similar to the our-design-wasn’t-broken-and-didn’t-need-a-fix ethos in the release of version 1.1 we’re going to improve it anyway.


Emoji in the Social Activity Stream

Question: What do Japanese teenage girls and 50 year-old financial advisors have in common?

Answer: Emoji! blush

Emojis, those pictorial smiley characters originally popularized by texting Japanese teenagers and now conquering the world – have become standardized in world communication culture and will soon be (optionally) cascading down in the immersive “activity stream” of Wealthbox CRM. The activity stream – taking design cues from social networking feeds and the increasingly collaborative enterprise – allows status updating, @-mentioning, liking, notifying, user permissioning, and the posting of various CRM updates. It’ll soon be enhanced with emojis! (Suffice it to say, Wealthbox is not your father’s CRM.)

Emoji characters are a natural fit for Wealthbox CRM’s modern design, consumerized user-experience, and social collaboration features in the activity stream that foster a humanized vibe and esprit de corps for a team in a wealth management firm. Emojis are fun, engaging, and reinforce our belief as written on our homepage that Wealthbox is CRM you’ll actually enjoy.


Coming This Fall – Google Calendar Integration

Currently the Wealthbox calendar can publish events to third-party calendars via the iCal standard. With the forthcoming Google Calendar integration, both Google and Wealthbox calendar will sync in bi-directional ways offering more convenience. Other two-way calendar integrations will be released in the future.

Aside from these soon-to-be-released features, look out for new Wealthbox integrations, alliances, new hires, and some corporate developments. Sign up to our newsletter for announcements.

Have a fun summer! blush surfer sailboat

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