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New Enhancement: Workflow Milestones for Upcoming Dates

December 9, 2021

Hot on the heels of our latest update to bring flexible due-date logic to Wealthbox with Workflow Milestones is a brand new enhancement to milestone functionality.

Fast software interactions can feel like magic. One of the ways Wealthbox saves advisors time is by reducing the number of clicks it takes to complete common actions—like adding a note on a contact record or starting a call with a client.

Today, we’re introducing another speedy innovation to Wealthbox: Advisors can now populate Workflow Milestones using upcoming dates for contacts, opportunities, and projects. This one-click action automates the workflow-building process and lets advisors spend more time focusing on their clients.

How it works

While working with contacts in Wealthbox, advisors schedule upcoming events, record special dates, and even plan review schedules using custom fields. Now, those dates attached to contacts, opportunities, and projects are available to populate workflow milestones with just one click.

This new enhancement also allows users to start workflows using dates attached to opportunities and projects using the same one-click process. Creating workflows has never been easier, so sit back and let Wealthbox do the work! 

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