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New Feature: Workflow Assignments with Contact Roles

September 8, 2022

New Feature: Workflow Assignments with Contact Roles

Wealthbox makes it easy for large RIA firms to manage big books of business by defining responsibilities with customized Contact Roles which are configured to fit a firm’s workflows. Starting today, Contact Role functionality is now available within Wealthbox Workflows!💥 This will allow advisory firms to standardize processes automatically since every step will be assigned to the right coworker for every workflow.

How it works…

You can get started with this new automation simply by assigning steps to roles in your workflow templates. If you haven’t created Contact Roles yet, here’s a quick primer.

When you start a workflow for your contact, any roles in the template will automatically be assigned to the same users assigned to those roles on the contact.

Wealthbox also makes the process of assigning roles as easy as possible by prompting you for any missing roles:
Missing Contact Role Notification

We’re continuing to work on additional productivity features to make it even easier to collaborate with your teams in Wealthbox. Stay tuned for updates!

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