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New in Wealthbox: Partner Workflow Libraries

April 11, 2024

Last year, Wealthbox released the Wealthbox Library of Workflows, consisting of 10 pre-built workflow templates. Since that release, countless advisors and teams have reported that these pre-built workflow templates have been a game-changer for saving time and getting the most out of workflows in Wealthbox. Now, workflow templates are getting even better!

Working closely with wealthtech partners to roll out even more workflow templates, Wealthbox is thrilled to announce the availability of partner workflow libraries. These partner workflow libraries consist of pre-built templates tailored specifically to the most important processes of financial advisory firms.

How it Works

The first six partners who have joined us in this initiative are Asset-Map, Holistiplan, Nitrogen, Simplicity Ops, Smart Kx, and Trust & Will. Advisors can click Manage Templates from the main Workflows page to see these libraries and select a partner name on the dropdown menu.

Partner workflows on the Workflow Templates page in Wealthbox.

Asset-Map Workflow

Asset-Map’s workflow template outlines how advisors can streamline the client onboarding and advice delivery process. This offers practical strategies for advisors to enhance client engagement and foster clear communication throughout the onboarding and advice delivery phases. By implementing these processes, advisors can optimize their efficiency and provide a more personalized and effective service to their clients.

Asset-Map Workflow in Wealthbox

Holistiplan Workflow

Holistiplan’s workflow library offers detailed steps for collecting and reviewing a client’s tax return and managing the QCD (qualified charitable distribution) process. This ensures advisors have the necessary tools to effectively address both financial and philanthropic aspects of their client’s estate plans.

Holistiplan Workflow in Wealthbox

Nitrogen Workflow

Nitrogen’s workflow equips advisors with essential tools for prospect and client meetings, such as synced assets, risk tolerance questionnaires, and check-ins. Nitrogen’s Prospect/Client Meeting Prep workflow ensures thorough preparation for every interaction with prospects and clients.

Nitrogen Workflow in Wealthbox

Simplicity Ops Workflow

Simplicity Ops created a workflow template dedicated to keeping CRM data clean quarterly. This ensures data cleanliness and enhances data accuracy and accessibility, allowing advisors to make informed decisions based on reliable information. This proactive approach to data management fosters stronger client relationships and more efficient business operations.

Simplicity Ops Workflow in Wealthbox

Smart Kx Workflow

Smart Kx’s workflos provides a structured approach for advisors to expedite billing procedures and enhance client service. The Pre-Billing workflow offers actionable steps for advisors to streamline billing preparation and optimize efficiency in client interactions. By integrating this workflow, advisors can improve their billing processes, ensuring timely and accurate invoicing.

Smart KX Workflow in Wealthbox

Trust & Will Workflow

Advisors looking for an estate planning workflow template can find what they need in the Trust & Will workflow library. In addition to providing comprehensive estate planning resources, the Trust & Will workflow library offers tailored solutions to address various aspects of asset distribution and legacy planning. Advisors can efficiently navigate the complexities of estate planning to better serve their clients’ needs.

Trust & Will Workflow in Wealthbox

Learn More About Partner Workflows

For more information, check out this video “How to Use the Wealthbox Library of Workflows” from our How-To video series.

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