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New in Wealthbox: Super Fast Account Openings for Advisors Who Custody Assets With TD Ameritrade Institutional

December 17, 2018

Super Fast Account Openings

Wealthbox is happy to release a first-of-its-kind CRM integration for account openings with TD Ameritrade Institutional’s Veo One® platform.

TD Ameritrade announced this new Veo One account opening feature in a press release, as did Wealthbox in a separate press release.

There will be a live webinar hosted by TD Ameritrade Institutional and Wealthbox showcasing this integration on February 20th at 3pm ET. Advisors can sign up now.

How it works

The new automated account opening feature in Wealthbox now allows advisors who custody assets with TD Ameritrade Institutional to pre-fill client information from Wealthbox into Veo® and Veo One account opening forms from the contact record page in Wealthbox. Veo One users will benefit from seamless single-sign-on between Wealthbox and Veo One when generating and completing forms. Advisors can also view the status of any account opening forms started from Wealthbox directly on the contact record page for their client. The result is increased simplicity, time-savings, and productivity for advisors who custody assets with TD Ameritrade Institutional and use Wealthbox. TD Ameritrade Institutional weighed in on the Wealthbox integration:

“This is a good example of how collaboration with industry innovators can drive technology advances that help advisors. By automating data entry, we can reduce errors and save time, enabling a more seamless and efficient onboarding process.” 
–Robert Mahoney, Director, Technology Product Management, TD Ameritrade Institutional

TD Ameritrade Institutional’s press release noted: “Filling out paperwork can be time-consuming and costly for advisors, so we’ve streamlined the process with technology that makes RIAs more efficient and reduces the likelihood of fat-finger errors,” said Robert Mahoney, Director, Technology Product Management. “Advisors can spend less time pushing paper and more time delivering a better client experience, right from the start.”

Wealthbox cofounder and CTO, Dan Ferranti, added, “Veo One from TD Ameritrade Institutional is a powerful advisor platform for Wealthbox to continually keep apace with new feature integrations. We’re delighted to collaborate with TD Ameritrade Institutional on their new account openings feature to the benefit of our mutual advisor customers.”

A close-up look of the new account openings integration…

Send to Veo One from the Contact Record page in Wealthbox:


Review information before sending, and optionally choose a secondary contact from the Household:


Information from Wealthbox pre-fills the Forms Wizard:


Back on the Wealthbox Contact Record page, review the status of pending and completed forms:


Single-Sign-On to the “My View” page in Veo One from the Wealthbox Contact Record page:

The second “first”!

This new integration represents two “firsts” for Wealthbox: Wealthbox is the first CRM to integrate with TD Ameritrade Institutional’s New Account Opening API, and Wealthbox is the first integrated solution to provide users with a convenient Single-Sign-On to the “My View” page in Veo One, another deep integration, where Wealthbox CRM components are distributed and enabled within the Veo One user-experience.

See Wealthbox and Veo One in action…

Wealthbox will be showcasing this new integration at the joint webinar with TD Ameritrade Institutional, as well as exhibiting at TD Ameritrade Institutional’s National LINC conference in San Diego, February 6 – 8.

TD Ameritrade Institutional and Wealthbox are separate, unaffiliated companies and are not responsible for each other’s services, policies or opinions.

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