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New Integration: Wealthbox + TD Ameritrade’s Veo One

January 4, 2018

Out of the Wealthbox, into Veo One!

As part of the Wealthbox 3 release we’re happy to officially announce our new integration with TD Ameritrade’s Veo One platform. This latest integration follows Wealthbox’s initial connection with Veo that allows users to access and view a client’s account information on a contact record page in Wealthbox.

With the new, deeper Veo One integration, the teams at TD Ameritrade and Wealthbox thought “out of the Wealthbox” so to speak. Wealthbox’s CRM components (e.g. contact names, tasks, events, etc.) are now placed out of Wealthbox and appear seamlessly as widget components within the interface of TD’s Veo One portal. fire Now users can have Veo One data in Wealthbox and Wealthbox in Veo One. These widget CRM components from Wealthbox are drag-and-droppable for easy layout ordering on the Veo One interface.

Advisors serviced by TD Ameritrade can now see and interact with various Wealthbox CRM components within Veo One, suchs as contacts, tasks, calendar events, workflows, opportunities, and projects. Even the collaborative activity stream from Wealthbox cascades down the Veo One interface. Quick notes, contact entries, and calendar event can be made in just a few clicks in Veo One. It all syncs.

Here’s a screenshot of the Veo One interface when a user is in the “activities” section. On this particular page in Veo One, you can see Wealthbox’s activity stream seamlessly integrated, along with the right side widgets for calendar and tasks.

Attention TD Advisors:

To enable this feature in Veo One, click the applications icon and choose “Vendor Management”. Then click “Launch” next to Wealthbox, enter your Wealthbox credentials and select log in. …Voila!

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