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New in Wealthbox: Update a Single Occurrence of a Repeating Task

April 11, 2022

Today we’re happy to introduce, by popular demand, a big improvement in Wealthbox: updating a single recurrence of a repeating task! It’s all about more automation in Wealthbox and gaining productivity in your practice.

By way of background, Wealthbox users have access to powerful automation features that make their jobs easier and more efficient day after day. One such feature is that of repeating tasks, where users can create rules for common activities they repeatedly perform, such as a quarterly review:

When things don’t go according to the original schedule, it’s helpful to be able to make updates to accommodate the new schedule. Wealthbox now offers two new actions for repeating tasks that make this even easier — edit task and manage rules:

Edit Task

It’s a common scenario — we have a repeating task that’s due on a Saturday. Wouldn’t it be great to move it to Monday instead?

Now you can edit the individual task so it’s due on Monday, while maintaining the rules to repeat on the 12th of every month:

Manage Rules

Here’s another scenario: What if you used to run our monthly reports on the 12th of every month, but going forward they need to be run on the 1st instead? Now, you can manage the rules for your repeating tasks to change how they will repeat moving forward.

Common questions about this new feature

If I delete a recurring task, will all the other tasks in the series be deleted?
No. Only the task you delete will be deleted — all other tasks in the series will be preserved.

How do I stop tasks from repeating?
Add an end date to your repeating rule. For example: set your rule so that it ends on a specific date.

When will a new task be created?
New tasks are automatically created when you either complete or delete the latest task. For example, if you have a weekly task due on Monday and you complete it, Wealthbox automatically creates a task due next Monday, based on the repeating rules you established.

Will changes to the rules apply to existing tasks in the series?
No. Changes to the rules will only apply to newly-created tasks based on that rule. For example, when you complete the task that’s currently due, the next task that’s automatically created based on the rule will follow your changes.

We hope you enjoy the continuous innovations to Wealthbox, and stay tuned for more!

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