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Smart Kx Partners with Wealthbox for Automated Revenue Collection

January 18, 2024

Wealthbox + Smart Kx

Wealthbox is excited to announce an integration with Smart Kx, an intelligent billing and contract system developed for investment advisors. Smart Kx streamlines the client onboarding process and offers precise, automated fee calculation for efficient and accurate revenue collection.

The integration with Wealthbox lets users pull client data from Wealthbox directly into Smart Kx to finalize and send client contracts for signature. Once the agreement is finalized in Smart Kx, notes and tasks are created in Wealthbox, updating the advisor on the status change.

Wealthbox + Smart Kx

Join us for a live webinar on Tuesday, January 30th at 2pm ET to learn more about the integration between Wealthbox + Smart Kx.

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Getting started

Setting up the integration with Smart Kx is easy. Simply log into the Smart Kx platform and click on the user settings menu in the top right corner. Click on Settings and then click Connect in the pop-up.

Setting up the Smart Kx integration with Wealthbox by connecting your Wealthbox account in Smart Kx.

From here, advisors will see another pop-up prompting them to log into their Wealthbox account. Once logged in, the integration is complete and advisors can start taking advantage of Smart Kx’s revenue collection methods immediately.

How it works

Once the integration setup is complete, the bidirectional data sync can be utilized to automatically fill out client contract forms in Smart Kx. Simply start typing to pull data from Wealthbox into Smart Kx to get forms started. If a client doesn’t exist, a new household can be created in Smart Kx and will automatically generate one in Wealthbox with the click of a button.

Smart Kx can automatically pull in data from Wealthbox contact records to pre-fill agreement forms.

After the contract form has been sent and signed by the client, advisors will be notified via a task and a note within Wealthbox.

When you send a client agreement through Smart Kx, a task in Wealthbox will be automatically created tied to that agreement.
Lacey Shrum, founder of Smart KxLacey Shrum, Founder of
Smart Kx

“With Wealthbox + Smart Kx, advisors can finalize their client documents with information directly from Wealthbox and collect the new client’s signature immediately,” said Lacey Shrum, Founder of Smart Kx. “This integration helps advisors move from a prospect’s ‘yes’ to revenue in seconds rather than days.”

Charlie Fargo Charlie Fargo, Head of Product Partnerships at Wealthbox

“The integration between Wealthbox and Smart Kx empowers advisors with enhanced operational efficiencies, streamlining financial processes for optimal revenue collection,” said Charlie Fargo, Head of Product Partnerships at Wealthbox. “We are thrilled that Smart Kx is now part of the Wealthbox partnership ecosystem.”

Enable the integration today to start taking advantage of the Smart Kx platform!

Wealthbox + Smart Kx

Join us for a live webinar on Tuesday, January 30th at 2pm ET to learn more about the integration between Wealthbox + Smart Kx.

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