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Wealthbox 1.9 – Dynamic CRM Reporting and a Redesigned Mobile App

October 7, 2015

bannerThe new “reports engine” in Wealthbox 1.9

What’s New in Wealthbox

Today we released version 1.9 of Wealthbox, featuring advanced reporting capabilities. We also released a new redesign for the Wealthbox mobile app. Read on!

A powerful “Reports Engine”


What’s most interesting with this new CRM reporting feature is that we went well beyond providing users with canned, static reports. What we built is a powerful yet simple to use “reports engine” that allows advisors to dynamically generate and save customized CRM reports for better analytical insight into their practice.

How Advanced Reporting Works in Wealthbox 1.9

pieWith a rich extensibility structure, the new reporting engine inside Wealthbox applies to all CRM objects in the application, including contacts, notes, tasks, workflows, events, opportunities, projects, and files.

To get started, users can take advantage of basic reports and customize them further to filter their CRM data as they wish. The editing feature in these basic reports is a great way to educate users on the full power of the reports engine. Advanced users can create templates – with multiple filters – and run their own customized reports on-demand to dig deeper in the underlying data for analysis. Easy exporting of report data can be formatted in CSV, JSON, and XML options and made available to print, too.

Attention users: As with all our feature releases, we look forward to immediate feedback to continue to enhance the functionality. Please connect with us for any suggestions.

Redesigned Mobile App

A few months after Wealthbox CRM launched to great acclaim just last year, we released our initial iPhone and Android mobile app. It was a good first step and the feedback and enhancement suggestions have been great. We listened, and the result is a newly redesigned mobile app coincident with our version 1.9 release today. The mobile app has better navigation, swiping capabilities, an enhanced “Contact details” view, and other restyling of the user interface.


Coming up next in Wealthbox…

The core CRM functionality of the collaborative application of Wealthbox has now been implemented: contact management, task management, event calendaring, automated workflows, project management, opportunity management, file storage, and with today’s release – advanced reports. As the recently published comparison of CRM vendor features by InvestmentNews indicates, Wealthbox, with its well-rounded and matured suite of features is now a worthy option for financial advisors. There’s power in simplicity!


We’re now working on “Wealthbox 2.0” in which we’ll release our API. The Wealthbox API will simplify and speed up our ability to integrate with complementary tools, applications, and broker-dealer/custodian platforms. We gearing up for a big 2016 with continued feature enhancements and partnerships – including with our own in-house sister apps, like the Wealthbase network, the lead-gen Q&A platform that connects advisors with consumers.

Stay tuned. Follow us on Twitter. And thanks for being a customer!

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