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Wealthbox CRM for Gmail

We thought outside the Wealthbox and put CRM in Gmail.

February 3, 2016

If you’re one of the many advisors who increasingly use Gmail, today is your lucky day. Introducing Wealthbox CRM for Gmail, a new feature enabled by a Chrome extension we built with the new API we just released. (Read the press release.) Here are 7 things you can do in Gmail with Wealthbox.

UPDATE: InvestmentNews has covered this story. Read the article here.

1. Create a new Contact in Wealthbox – from Gmail. One click.

2. View a Contact’s details in Gmail. Phone, address, profile, custom fields, etc.

3 & 4. Add a note and view a Contact’s activity history.

5. Save an email to Wealthbox.


6. Send + Save an email to Wealthbox.

7. Deep link to a Contact Record page in Wealthbox.


We’ll soon be adding more Wealthbox CRM features in Gmail such as the ability to manage tasks, workflows, events, opportunities and more.

Advisors: ​Get the Chrome extension​ for Wealthbox CRM for Gmail now. And stay tuned for more innovative features from Wealthbox CRM now enabled with our ​new API​. (Can you say, Zapier? wink)

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