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Wealthbox Gets Top Ranking in User Engagement Among Advisors Using CRM Platforms That Are Integrated with Schwab

February 1, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce that Wealthbox was ranked the #1 CRM for User Engagement among advisors using CRM platforms integrated with Schwab in December 2022.*

In addition to an active Schwab Advisor Center® user base, Wealthbox achieved triple-digit growth last year in both the number of enrolled users and the number of enrolled firms using the Wealthbox integration with Schwab.

Wealthbox + Schwab Advisor Center

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We credit the growth in user adoption of Wealthbox to our continued feature innovations as well as a deeper integration with Schwab. In the fourth quarter of 2022, for instance, we announced that Wealthbox is now integrated with the Schwab Advisor Center digital onboarding workflow.

With Schwab’s digital onboarding, advisors can send contact details from Wealthbox to open new Schwab Advisor Services accounts, thus avoiding tedious data re-entry into multiple systems. The integration includes a single sign-on connection from a Wealthbox contact into a digital account envelope within Schwab Advisor Center.

Send to Schwab Advisor Center dialog box.

To learn more about how Wealthbox integrates with Schwab Advisor Center, and why we’re seeing high user engagement, join our webinar entitled “Why Advisors Who Custody at Schwab Use Wealthbox” on February 14.

*Rank is based on a December 2022 Gateway integration report prepared for Wealthbox by Schwab. User engagement represents the percent of users with any API calls during that time interval out of the total number of users who were enrolled to use Gateway by end of report month. Enrolled users represent the number of users who ever enrolled to use Gateway by end of report month, counted even if they stopped using the integration, while enrolled firms equal the number of firms who ever enrolled to use Gateway by end of report month.

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