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Wealthbox 1.8 – In-App Notifications, Redesigned Calendar, Enhanced Contact Management and Workflows, New Trust Module, and MoneyGuidePro integration

April 10, 2015

Today we’re happy to release version 1.8 of Wealthbox CRM. It’s chock-full of added features and improvements that have sprouted up like spring flowers. Here’s what’s new…

In-App Notifications


The central theme we design for in the user experience of Wealthbox CRM is human interaction – humanity. Atop the foundation of our modern CRM software for managing client data, Wealthbox is designed with communication, collaboration, and social features for advisor teams that makes data actionable to get work done, while fostering a communal sense of teamwork and mission. It’s humanized CRM. (And of course solo users can experience Zen moments in Wealthbox too.)

Beyond allowing advisors to monitor life events of their clients externally online, you can see this “social designinternally in Wealthbox. Human-centric features include the social network-style publisher and activity stream in Wealthbox with “commenting” and “liking” – all to better express, share, and collaborate with one’s colleagues in a CRM workspace. Wealthbox even has emoji to enhance expression and bring a touch of humanity to coworker exchanges amid the humdrum of CRM data. All features in Wealthbox, such as automated workflows, are imbued with this design aesthetic of “blending code with humanity.” Industry watchers have taken note…


With the release of Wealthbox version 1.8 we’re introducing a real-time “in-app notification” feature that hones peer-to-peer updates among a team of coworkers. This new release is part of the increasing real-time “message-ification” of Wealthbox, with messaging – human communications – playing an increasing role as the critical top layer of the user experience under which CRM data management occurs. (More live messaging features are on our product roadmap after the release of Wealthbox 2.0, referenced below.)


Displayed with a bell icon in the top navigation bar, in-app notifications offer a simple way to see how your coworkers in Wealthbox are interacting with you live via CRM updates – on workflows, tasks, new contacts, commenting, events, etc. – in a mini-timeline, beyond the flow of the ambient activity stream. Think of it like a filtered inbox of CRM activity that coworkers have updated you about. .

For larger, geographically dispersed RIA firms and nationwide advisor networks using Wealthbox’s multiple CRM workspaces feature, in-app notification messages are also a great way for the home office to collaborate with remote advisor teams in field offices who are in different Wealthbox accounts. (Factoid: One of our enterprise customers oversees 175  firms that each use a different Wealthbox CRM workspace, all administered from the home office. In-app notifications allows this nationwide firm to coordinate activity among different advisor teams like never before.)

User Tip: You can adjust both in-app and email notification preferences in the Settings section of Wealthbox under Notifications.

“Group” Notifications for Improved Collaboration

For larger firms using Weathbox as their CRM platform, we added new features based on input from our current enterprise customers to allow for better collaboration among staff and easier workflow administration.

Redesigned Calendar

The Wealthbox calendar has been completely redesigned and built anew based on customer feedback. We’re still listening to feedback and developing our product on an agile basis: 5 new enhancements to this new calendar have occurred since we quietly released it a few days ago and more are coming.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Ability to invite multiple Wealthbox users or contacts to events
  • Color-coded event types
  • Quick event details via popover
  • Ability to delete an event with fewer clicks
  • Attendee status (Accepted / Tentative / Declined) for events

Contact Management Enhancements

At the core of CRM is contact management, and we continue to make a number of enhancements to help advisors track interactions in client relationships. For instance, adding notes to contacts in a CRM is one of the most frequent, repetitive actions an advisor or assistant does on a daily basis. In our ongoing quest for simplicity and efficiency in the user experience, we designed for this mundane yet frequent action by allowing a user to enter a note about a client right from the “publisher” on the front-and-center dashboard; as depicted below. (See also: 12 Secrets on the Wealthbox dashboard.) Simply put, this saves lots of time.


Here’s what’s enhanced in contact management…

  • Tagging notes, as shown above.
  • Custom labels for phone number/email types
  • Suffix field for contacts
  • Trust data entry, see below

New Trust Tracking

trustA new component we built within contact management in Wealthbox is trust record keeping. Now advisors and assistants can track notes, tasks, events, etc. on a special trust management page. Additionally, contacts related to this trust (Executor, Grantor, Trustees) can be associated with the trust. All CRM objects in Wealthbox, including automated workflows and files, can be stored in one place for advisors to retrieve and collaborate on. For easy note taking, users can also “@-mention” the name of a trust on the dashboard of Wealthbox to quickly add notes to a trust record with simplicity and speed.

MoneyGuidePro Integration


Wealthbox version 1.8 has an integration with MoneyGuidePro’s financial planning software. Now, financial advisors using Wealthbox can launch MoneyGuidePro from a contact page to create a financial plan. When the MoneyGuidePro connection is launched, all contact and related financial account information for the household will be sent to MoneyGuidePro. This reduces data entry in creating a new plan. Additionally, MoneyGuidePro client information will automatically update with the latest Wealthbox data when accessing from MoneyGuidePro.

Next Up: Wealthbox 1.9 and 2.0

We’re now working on version 1.9 & 2.0 of Wealthbox CRM. The two main features in 1.9 are advanced reporting templates and full, two-way email sync with any email client such as Outlook, Gmail, etc. Stay tuned for release by summer. Wealthbox 2.0, also coming this summer, will be a milestone event: the release of the Wealthbox API.

Thanks again for all the feedback!

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