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Wealthbox Announces 100 Integrations Milestone

August 30, 2022

We’re happy to announce today that Wealthbox is now integrated with 100 wealth-tech partners! This milestone is fueled by record demand by advisors of Wealthbox along with the Wealthbox API that developers at technology partners applaud for its simplicity in the developer experience.

The Wealthbox app ecosystem of 100 integrations spans use cases of CRM – the hub software for advisors – being connected with complementary software products such as portfolio management, financial planning, risk analysis, digital marketing, digital storage, compliance, communications, and more. From single-sign-on to two-way data transfers between apps, Wealthbox integrations with tech partners help financial advisors manage clients and streamline operations with ease.

Erin Bickford, VP of Marketing, Wealthbox

“Integrations with our amazing tech partners increase the value of the Wealthbox platform and that of our partners’ products, along with widening its distribution,” says Erin Bickford, VP of Marketing at Wealthbox. “These integrations have helped propel Wealthbox to be the highest-rated and fastest-growing CRM product in the wealth-tech market.”


In connection with the milestone announcement, team Wealthbox has released a new integrations directory of our app ecosystem and updated our partner webinar listings for advisors to view live and on-demand events. We also released a new partnerships page that provides information on how vendors can join the Wealthbox app ecosystem.

Team Wealthbox also announced a new feature to further accelerate the growth of the app ecosystem and the scaling of Wealthbox. Called “Send To” it allows tech partners to jumpstart getting into the Wealthbox ecosystem. Learn more about this new feature release for partners.

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