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Wealthbox Jumpstarts Partner Integrations with “Send To” Feature

August 30, 2022

With about 350 technology vendors in the wealth-tech space, and CRM increasingly becoming the “super app” of an advisor’s practice, the need for Wealthbox to integrate easily with partners is critical for advisors.

So today, coinciding with our announcement of the 100 Wealthbox integrations, and publishing new partner directory pages and searchable on-demand partner webinars, we’re releasing a new feature for integration partners to jumpstart their connections to Wealthbox. It’s called the “Send To” feature, and like our easy user-experience for advisors, it makes life easier for our developer partners.

Here’s how “Send To” works

For advisors, instead of manually entering client data into two separate systems, users can simply click on the “Send To” dropdown in Wealthbox to send that clients’ data to another system — to pre-fill account opening forms, change an address, or easily create and update clients.

With this new “Send To” feature partners only need to build their integrations to a set of predefined API endpoints to offer this new capability to our mutual users. Additionally, partners will get their company’s logo and details about the integration listed within Wealthbox to inform users about the benefits of using their integration.

To send data to a Wealthbox partner’s software product, an advisor simply needs to login to Wealthbox and enable a tech partner’s product in the settings section. When an advisor goes to a contact record page in Wealthbox, they can click the “Send To” button in the Wealthbox contact details widget. From there, they will select the partner’s logo to initiate Wealthbox contact data being sent over in real-time.

Companies like Docupace, RightCapital, Laser App, Envestnet’s MoneyGuide, Orion and many more in the Wealthbox ecosystem use this Send-To feature to great effect today to streamline keeping data in sync across the different applications.

Charlie Fargo, Head of Product Partnerships

“Wealthbox’s new “Send To” capability will exponentially increase the number of new partners we can work with and at the same time give existing partners an opportunity to quickly build more advanced and user-friendly data syncing capabilities with Wealthbox,” says Charlie Fargo, Head of Product Partnerships at Wealthbox. “We are always implementing new ways for tech vendors to work with us to the benefit of our mutual advisor customers.”

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