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5 New Integrations: Zapier, TD Ameritrade, Riskalyze, Orion, Microsoft Office 365

May 5, 2016

Today we’re happy to announce five new Wealthbox CRM integrations with leading technology partners. Oh, and there’s a little something extra. Read on!

Zapier + Wealthbox CRM

Zaps: Boom! boom Zapier and Wealthbox are now integrated!

When we released the Wealthbox API we also announced our plans to integrate with Zapier. Financial advisors will now be able to connect various apps and move data between them and Wealthbox CRM by specifying event triggers and creating automations from a list of “zaps.”

With the initial Zapier integration, Wealthbox CRM users can now create “trigger”-based Zaps. Example: Send data to any Zapier partner when a Contact, Task, Event, Note, or Comment is created in Wealthbox. Wealthbox CRM users can also Create “Action”-based Zaps. Example: Create a Contact, Task, Event, Project, Opportunity or Note in Wealthbox based on triggers from Zapier partners. The possibilities between Zapier and Wealthbox are endless so stay tuned as we create more zaps.

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TD Ameritrade’s Veo + Wealthbox CRM

Heyo, Veo! Wealthbox CRM is now integrated with TD Ameritrade’s Veo platform!

With this integration, advisors in Wealthbox can access a client’s account information on a contact record page in Wealthbox. It’s simple, quick access to view client account holdings data in Veo, from Wealthbox. (A two-way, mutual single-sign-on between Wealthbox and TD’s Veo is also being released next month.)

Riskalyze + Wealthbox CRM

Risk in the Box: Wealthbox CRM and Riskalyze are now integrated!

Advisors in Wealthbox can now look up a client’s Risk Number® in Riskalyze from a contact record page in Wealthbox. This includes current and target portfolio Risk Numbers that are viewable in Wealthbox, from Riskalyze. Users now also have single-sign-on access from Wealthbox to Riskalyze and can link to client information in Riskalyze.

Orion + Wealthbox CRM

The stars of the Greek hunter have aligned: Orion and Wealthbox CRM are now integrated!

Starting today, financial advisors using Wealthbox CRM can look up real-time client account information from Orion, viewable on a contact record page in Wealthbox. The integration also includes single-sign-on access from Wealthbox to Orion, allowing easy one-click access for advisors to directly connect to specific Orion account pages.

UPDATES: 1. Orion and Wealthbox have issued a press release about this integration. 2. Orion hosted a webinar for financial advisors about the Orion + Wealthbox integration. Watch the webinar.

Microsoft Office 365 + Wealthbox CRM

Microsoft’s Office 365 and Wealthbox CRM are now integrated via our Google Chrome extension! Similar to the Wealthbox CRM + Google Gmail integration, advisors can now, from Office 365, create new contacts in Wealthbox, view client details, notes, activity history as well as save and send emails to Wealthbox – in one click.

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Financial advisors: We hope you enjoy these 5 new integrations. Stay tuned for new zaps from Zapier and new industry partner integrations. Next up: eMoney + Wealthbox CRM! zap moneybag

An extra goody…

Advisors: Here’s a little something extra, and it’s about time – yours!


We’re product design fanatics and have a need for speed. We’re always tinkering with the Wealthbox interface to help financial advisors save time. Accordingly we released a time-saving interface improvement to review, enter, and/or modify “tasks” in the tasks list view section of Wealthbox. We want you to get out there and spend more time with your clients, friends, and family – not your CRM! The video teaser above shows how it works.

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