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Wealthbox Announces “Workflows Week” for Advisors in July

June 18, 2024

Wealthbox is excited to introduce Workflows Week this summer, during July 15 – 19! Join us for an insightful series of webinars dedicated to optimizing your workflows and enhancing your practice. We’re joined by incredible partners and their workflows in Wealthbox, including Altruist, Asset-Map, BackNine, Bento Engine, Holistiplan, Nitrogen, Simplicity Ops, Smart Kx, and Trust & Will. Each Wealthbox partner will showcase their specific workflow library in Wealthbox and provide best practices for implementing these workflows in your firm.

Each daily session, starting at 2 PM ET, Monday to Friday, July 15-19, will provide practical tools and actionable insights to streamline your operations and boost your workflow productivity.

Workflows Week – Schedule

Day 1

Wealthbox Workflow Libraries and Altruist’s Workflow

Monday, July 15th @ 2 PM ET

Kick-off Workflows Week right by starting with the basics! In session one, join Chris Kopanski, Sr. Product Specialist at Wealthbox, to discover where to find the Workflow libraries in Wealthbox and see Wealthbox Workflows in action.

Then, Ted Zhang will join us for our first partner workflow of the week when Altruist dives into their New Account Opening workflow during the second half of the webinar.

Day 2

Wealthbox Workflows Webinar with Bento Engine and Trust & Will

Tuesday, July 16th @ 2 PM ET

Bento Engine | Trust & Will

As Workflows Week continues, we’re thrilled to be joined by Bento Engine and Trust & Will for a webinar showcasing their respective workflows inside Wealthbox, both tailored around significant milestones in a client’s life.

Join us as we dive into practical demonstrations of how these client-centric workflows can transform your advisory practice, guiding you through key moments such as coming of age and estate planning efficiently.

Day 3

Wealthbox Workflows Webinar with Simplicity Ops and Smart Kx

Wednesday, July 17th @ 2 PM ET

Simplicity Ops and SmartKX

In this webinar, we’re diving deep into the world of workflow simplicity with two powerful tools: Simplicity Ops and Smart Kx. Join us as we explore how their respective workflows in Wealthbox transform how advisors streamline essential administrative processes and engage more intentionally with their clients.

From billing clients to maintaining a clean CRM, discover how Simplicity Ops and Smart Kx are revolutionizing firm operations and enhancing productivity.

Day 4

Wealthbox Workflows Webinar with Asset-Map and Holistiplan

Thursday, July 18th @ 2 PM ET

In this webinar, we’re thrilled to showcase two dynamic tools reshaping advisory practices: Asset-Map and Holistiplan. Join us as we explore how their respective workflows in Wealthbox enhance client onboarding, advice delivery, and tax planning processes, empowering advisors to provide unparalleled service and value to their clients.

Day 5

Wealthbox Workflows Webinar with Nitrogen and BackNine

Friday, July 19th @ 2 PM ET

Workflows Week wraps up as we’re joined by Nitrogen and BackNine. In this webinar, we’ll explore how their respective workflows in Wealthbox streamline data collection processes, allowing advisors to make informed suggestions and provide valuable guidance to their clients. By using these workflows, advisors can gather comprehensive information efficiently, enabling them to make informed suggestions and provide invaluable guidance to their clients.

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