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Wealthbox 2024 Mid-Year Milestones

July 2, 2024

Our Progress to Date

Wealthbox just wrapped up an incredible first half of 2024! In the first six months of the year, we released 7 new product features, 10 new partner integrations, and 38 educational webinars – further solidifying our commitment to delivering unparalleled value to our customers. These advancements reflect constant product development innovation to meet the needs of financial advisory firms, equipping them with solutions that drive business growth and deliver results.

Here’s a recap of Wealthbox feature releases, partner integrations, and important updates so far in 2024.

New Features Released

Customizable Dashboards

Customizable Dashboards in Wealthbox

Wealthbox users can create “widgets” to display a range of dynamic charts and graphs with Customizable Dashboards. This helps advisors and teams extract greater value from their Wealthbox CRM data by enabling users to visualize information in familiar, easy-to-digest formats.

Partner Workflow Libraries

Partner Workflow Libraries consist of pre-built templates tailored specifically to the most important processes of financial advisory firms. From onboarding and billing to estate planning and tax review, our wealthtech partners’ workflow templates have proven to help advisors and teams save time and get the most out of workflows in Wealthbox.

Templated Workflow Outcomes

Adding a new outcome with a templated comment in Wealthbox.

Templated Workflow Outcomes allow users to create specific comment templates for each outcome when defining workflow templates. For example, if there’s a workflow outcome called “form not complete,” users can create a comment template with a space for “What information is missing?”. This ensures that the relevant comment template appears whenever an outcome is selected, prompting users to provide the necessary information consistently.

Dynamic Filters for Reports

Adding a dynamic report filter for "Report Viewer" to a report template in Wealthbox.

The new dynamic filters for Reports give users more flexibility and control over how Reports are displayed in Wealthbox. The Report Viewer and Report Viewer’s Teams filters allow users to create reports that display data specific to the user viewing them rather than showing data for all users or a specific user.

Customizable Homepages

Customizable Homepages allow users to create a personalized Wealthbox layout with their team’s most important information on the homepage. Whether it’s prioritizing client updates, tracking key metrics, or accessing frequently used features, Customizable Homepages enable a personalized user experience.

AI and Automations

AI for Reports” allows users to use a prompt to create comprehensive and visually appealing reports, using AI-based functionality to adjust parameters, include various data points, and integrate charts and graphs. Our Automations make it easier to streamline repetitive tasks, set up custom workflows, and trigger actions based on specific roles.

Command Palette

The Command Palette provides instant access to a wide range of actions and features within Wealthbox using the Search bar from anywhere within the system. Whether you’re updating client information, scheduling tasks, sending an email, or adding a note, the Command Palette puts these functions at your fingertips.

New Integrations Released

Envestnet | Tamarac

Wealthbox + Envestnet | Tamarac

Our integration with Envestnet | Tamarac allows advisors to access account details, holdings, billing information, and custom fields from Tamarac within the Wealthbox Contact Record.


Wealthbox + Morningstar Wealth

With the Morningstar Office integration, advisors can access account details, balances, and positions from Morningstar Office – all from the Contact Record page in Wealthbox. Users can also view and save the most recent Morningstar Office client reports within Wealthbox.

Smart Kx

Wealthbox + Smart Kx

The integration with Smart Kx lets users pull client data from Wealthbox directly into Smart Kx to finalize and send client contracts for signature. Once the agreement is finalized in Smart Kx, notes and tasks are created in Wealthbox, updating the advisor on the status change.


Wealthbox + CogniCor

Advisors can use the virtual co-pilot to create meeting invites, send meeting reminders to both parties, create customizable and exportable meeting agendas, provide a meeting summary, and see automated task suggestions in Wealthbox based on meeting discussions with the CogniCor integration.


Wealthbox + CogniCor

Sora‘s integration with Wealthbox enables advisors to effortlessly import client data into Sora, streamlining the onboarding process with seamless data transfer.


Wealthbox + CogniCor

Advisory firms using Dispatch can quickly add new advisors, automate client onboarding, and digitally open accounts. Advisors using the bi-directional data sync between Wealthbox and Dispatch can sync client data between the platforms and other connected software systems.


Wealthbox + CogniCor

With OnBord, advisors can collect important information directly from their clients and automatically pre-fill data within their CRM, account opening documents, and internal forms. When advisors use the OnBord integration, client information is collected within the OnBord platform and automatically synced with the Wealthbox Contact Record.


Wealthbox + CogniCor

Our integration with FinMate enables advisors to seamlessly note-share directly to the Client Record page in Wealthbox from the client page, enhancing meeting efficiency. This integration allows advisors to optimize client engagement and deliver personalized financial advice.


Wealthbox + CogniCor

Advisors can sync client information between Wealthbox and Andes, enabling users to access and manage data across both platforms.


Wealthbox + CogniCor

With the Smartdata integration, advisors can connect their Wealthbox accounts to access detailed financial information, enhancing their ability to provide personalized advice and strategies to clients.


Wealthbox + CogniCor

The Jump integration allows advisors to populate pre-meeting notes based on Contact Record data, and automatically sync post-meeting notes and tasks created in Jump back into Wealthbox.


Wealthbox + CogniCor

New leads sourced from advisors’ websites via Investipal’s risk questionnaire widget will automatically be created in Wealthbox, including key information like risk tolerance, investable assets, income, and more.


Wealthbox + CogniCor

Using the WEALTHAWK integration, advisors can effortlessly incorporate ideal prospects into Wealthbox. This integration allows advisors to efficiently engage with prospects, monitor interactions, and track their prospecting progress.


Wealthbox + CogniCor

With the Laxis integration, a note with a link to the recording and a summary of the meeting, customer requirements, and action items is automatically added to a Wealthbox Contact Record at the end of a client meeting.

For a full listing of all our integration partners, click here.

New Referral Program Launched

With the Wealthbox Referral Program released earlier this year, advisors can earn rewards by referring industry friends to Wealthbox. It’s a win-win situation, where spreading the word about our CRM platform helps others discover a powerful tool and earns advisors valuable perks in return.

Educational Webinars Hosted to Date in 2024

In the first half of 2024, Wealthbox hosted 38 webinars!!! We continue to provide the wealthtech community with a range of educational webinars about workflows, best practices, CE credit events, and tech partner integrations. We even did an “Ask Me Anything” featuring Michael Kitces!

Here’s a quick overview of 2024 mid-year activity (click on the event to watch a recording):

Integration Demos


Continuing Education

Best Practices

Award Announced

CEO John Rourke accepted the “Best Swag in Wealthtech” award for Wealthbox at The Swaggies.

On April 1st of 2024 😉, Wealthbox was delighted to announce winning “Best Swag in Wealthtech” at the annual Swaggies Awards in Las Vegas. On the heels of Swaggies win, Wealthbox also launched the Wealthbox Merch Store where customers, partners, and friends of the company can browse and shop for award-winning Wealthbox swag.

Looking Ahead

We’ve received great feedback from advisors on all the updates listed above, and we’re excited to continue delivering value in the second half of 2024. We look forward to rolling out even more innovative features and improvements designed to meet the needs of our users. Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for being a part of the Wealthbox community.

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